Haven't seen or heard much by or about Spiers for a while, so let's relive a highlight


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Im sure either Spiers or English called the Gerrard appointment "ridiculous".

Edit: Idiocy. Thats the one Xavi.


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Stick to golf Spiersy as you know f**k all about football. Hang on a minute, come to think of it, you better find another sport coz you know f**k all about golf as well. In fact, why don't you just disappear up your own arsehole you odious, odorous, creep.

My day was going great guns until that cnut's name was mentioned.

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If Britney knew anything about Gerrard as a player at all then he’d have known that the last thing our gaffer would ever would ever be, is terrified. A fearless nature and will to win is what has made him the success that he is.

I hope it eats him up inside though, not only that we’re doing well, but that he’s once again made a rip roaring cùnt of himself and proven that he knows as much about football as Professor Stephen Hawking new about square dancing.

Alex Venters

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Always worth reminding ourselves of the sheer idocy of this nonentity and the inane ramblings he produces.

Where's his partner in crime, the Irish rugby correspondent?

Their combined absence of reporting on a resurgent Rangers side speaks volumes.


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Spiers must be the all time, most stupid Scots pundit, and he certainly has plenty of competition.
Absolutely clueless on football matters.


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He of course put his head above the parapet recently, to discuss our finances with all manner of tarrier bloggers and tweeters, he played to the gallery with his customary dig about us being a new club.

He is an utter bastard, I’m ashamed to admit that I actually despise the cretin, taig journos and the like don’t bother me in general, we know what they are, Spiers is just a loathsome reptile though.

Dave Angell

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As he mocks a dead man.
His speciality.

(copied from Jaaz's article years back ..)

"In July 1996 whilst with Scotland On Sunday he penned a deplorable attack on the late great Jock Wallace the day after he passed away, the inference being that Wallace was a bully and a bigot and responsible for sectarianism in Scottish football. Spiers twisted insinuations flew completely in the face of former Celtic captain Andy Lynch who said this on hearing of Wallace’s passing “He would always take the time (prior to Old Firm encounters) in the nervy pre-match atmosphere, be it at Parkhead or Ibrox, to come and give me a warm handshake or hug and sincere best wishes……smart, kind and sensitive. He will be sadly missed.”
Lisbon Lion Tommy Gemmell echoed Lynch’s sentiments “It doesn't matter what side of the fence you were on, I don't think you will find anyone in Scottish football who had a bad word to say about him. It was always a pleasure to be in his company and talk to him. His crack was different class.'' Almost correct Tommy. You WILL find someone who has a bad word to say about him. Graham Spiers."

"Bad-mouthing deceased Rangers heroes has since become a theme for this creature. He has written disrespectful articles on late greats Bill Struth, Jim Baxter and Davie Cooper. Of course as with Wallace none of them were here to defend themselves. Spiers wrote the following on the eve last seasons’ League Cup Final against Motherwell, a game dedicated to Coop’s memory:
“More remarkable, though, amid the media and marketing frenzy surrounding the game, is the way the memory of Cooper's career has become lodged halfway between legend and myth………..One problem with the Davie Cooper legend is that, as with many public personalities who die young and become subject to mythology, it doesn't wholly square with the facts of his career. For a so-called "genius", you would certainly have expected Cooper, who died at 39, to have won more than his 22 international caps.”
To write the above just hours prior to a game played in tribute to Davie where his family would be in attendance was nothing short of despicable.
On Struth: “Bill Struth was either an idol or an idiot depending on your point of view”. There you are Mr. Murray, according to Speirs you may have unveiled a statue of an idiot at half-time during the Moenchengladbach game."

Bowery Boy

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Rehabilitate a convicted paedophile. Honestly, he's an absolute creep. His reaction to 55 is easily predicted. "Well done Rangers, many people will say it's their first title yadda yadda yadda".


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As he mocks a dead man.

Leaving everything else aside that basically bullying someone who is overweight. The sort of thing you teach school children not to do.


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Spiers main problem and it always has been is that he is impaired by his own colossal, egotistical conceit.
It affects his every public utterance.