Heads up to those who are on the 4 monthly auto renew.


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Only guessing here but maybe other clubs have had top end systems implemented for years already.
Whereas we have been behind but we're able to manage under normal circumstances.

Now our short comings with our ticket systems are highlighted. As I say, not ideal, but definitely not a shambles.
The first point is very much the case.

We've had five years of the new regime now.

I felt it was poor that the issues were tried to be passed off as "other clubs use this system" as a cover for our failings when there's varying levels of software. Talent do operating systems for small, medium and large clubs and they've been doing it for years. We have an outdated version of their software and it wasnt fit for purpose when we first got it either.

Tickets are the biggest income stream our club has. It should have been a huge priority since day one.

Reply today from SLO was that the system we use is from the same company that Liverpool and other top teams use. Strange then, they're also not.all over.twitter with patent issues.

Suggests that we're sadly lacking. It was known long before the current situation though.

We're also nearly two months into furlough and lockdown. That they're only discovering this issue a week before payment due date makes it look like they're floundering. It's not even the first issue (even if the fix has been relatively simple) with renewals this month after the "click the link / don't login to your account" problems.

It just smacks of a department that isn't fit for purpose.

People can whine on this thread about the criticisms of it all bit that doesnt detract from the fact it's not good enough for a club of our size.


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Of course just the one person . Deary me
Thats not what i meant, of course there are more than one, there are still security issues with processing payments, most folk working from home will be doing so over their home wifi etc, can't speak for Rangers but the system my wife uses for payment processing has to be on a secure link in her office, she can't do it from home.


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hopefully the ticket office is one of the areas James bisgrove is looking at. The staff themselves are very good but the whole office needs a upgrade in technology . Prob hasn’t been changed since 2003. Also hope it’s an area they are looking to move out of those huts which are a disgrace and either into edminston house of the megastore.However every time I’ve heard bisgrove talk about the plans it’s not mentioned
Some of their computer systems are definitely older than 2003!