Hearts Cup Tie.


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Would be great to get a ticket for this, but doubt I'll get allocated one from the away scheme.


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Having to work this day for a stocktake. Hoping we get finished early enough to get up the road and watch
Go into work at 9am, see how much of each item you should have, write down that exact number for what you do have, let the next stock take worry about it. Job done n home by 9.20am. ;)


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Oh dear could be messy lol.

Out in Glasgow for a night out for my birthday which is Friday 28th.

Was hoping it was gonna be lunchtime.

Oh well even better.

Will Auctioneers have it on?


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This means hearts fans will be up for it as well so our players who fade on pressure will really struggle. Not confident on this


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Do you get a premier sports app via xbox or smart TVs?.
If you can afford it get it for a month.

Get the premier player and use if you got a prepaid card to book it. Then when you cancel it if they are arseholes still trying to take money then there no money to take off your card.

That's what I did last year and for last week.

Wee tip if you do. The Premier Player app will only work on ipad, tablet and phone etc. You wont be able to cast it on your tv.

Load up the normal premier player page ie not the app and if you've a chrome cast you can cast it too your TV ;).


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I might have a ticket - any supporters clubs running a bus from Glasgow (as close to city centre as possible) I could jump on? Over from NI and never been to an away game. Cheers


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Last time they beat us Naismith played like he was on a destroyer mission, we need to sort him out get someone on him who won't allow him to do the same again.
We also need players who have the bottle to win no shirkers no excuses and no defeat and no letting up, then and only then we can win and make it a good day out.
Make no mistake they will be up for it and if we aren't at our best they will knock us out the cup, lets hope our players want revenge as much as we do.


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Prime Scotty Arfield time.

I'm staying at Finnieston that night where would be best to watch the game?