Hearts league reconstruction plans

Blues and Royals

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“There is a willingness to help them out of this hole. Scottish football can’t afford to sit back and do nothing if it means losing a club of this size.”

I don’t recall a willingness to help us out , they could not wait to throw us down a few divisions
Whatever the cost or fallout was going to be.


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Couldn't disagree more.
Every major league in Europe plays with a minimum of eighteen teams, the majority of our Championship teams are no worse than our Premiership teams.
If you are happy watching Hamilton, Ross County, St Mirren, St Johnstone and Livingston the addition of the likes of Dundee Utd, Dundee, Inverness, Partick, Dunfermline etc shouldn't worry you, they are all bigger clubs than most of the teams already in our top League.
It has to be better than the nonsensical scenario of splitting a small repetitive legue.
Totally agree an 18 team top league should be the norm, no more playing the same dross 4 times a season, gets rid of the farce of having 3 away games and only one home match against one of the top 6 as often happens with the farce that is (the split).

Unfortunately it will never happen as the shit show that is Scottish football has only one thing worth marketing. To halve the amount of games against the paedos would be financial suicide for the league.

Tuning in while a bunch of hammer throwers kick lumps out of Rangers and the ref does fook all wouldn’t appeal to the majority of Sky Sports viewers.