Match Thread Hearts v Rangers - 12:00 Saturday - Sky Sports


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We've taken it too easy since 3-0.

Walker really is a fanny, even when someone scores against us he finds a negative thing to report on always looking for controversy.

Why do Sky persist with this thick fenian dud?


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That was a soft goal to lose. We need to get switched on again here, if they nick a second it’ll get very nervy.
Wakey wakey Rangers !


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Taking our foot off the gas a bit, we should be out of sight in this game. Disappointing, will make this a nervier finish that it should be.


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Drop Goldson and Tavernier, bring back Worrall, sack Gerrard.
You're being ironic. I expect we will bring Worrall back for the old firm game though. Worrall is always capable of spectacular howlers but you also feel slightly more secure than you do with Katic.


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Tavernier just can’t help himself with stupid defensive errors, can he? Excellent team performance to that point as well.


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Walker again!

Claims Katic had a bit of a kick at McLean and then laughs. So I rewound it and it shows Katic does absolutely zero and it was actually McLean who kicks out at Katic.