Match Thread Hearts v Rangers - 15:00 Sunday - Sky Sports

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Every game is huge now, definitely feel like Hearts will raise their game today. Will take any kind of scrappy win right now.


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Hearts will be up for it. Expect to win cause they really are shite. Only way they scored last time out was because of a mistake. Let’s go rangers


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This will be the day that Hearts show up so we’ll have to be at our very best


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They may be bottom of the league but I'm not expecting a total demolition of them. Maybe 2-0 let's try and keep the run of clean sheets going


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If they come at us and actually try to win the game then I think that will be to our advantage and we will pick them off. But if they sit it and try to frustrate us could be a different story. Getting an early goal will be important as it will force them to come at us


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Think this will be a tough game if I’m being honest. Certainly don’t anticipate strolling it anyway.

Keep it tight at the back and hopefully the rest looks after itself.

2-0 and I’ll be happy!


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Need big game from midfielders to win the battle and then hopefully play some decent stuff and few goals to calm the nerves. Need to start well.


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Hopefully get back to the attacking performances pre break.

Don't see them sitting behind the ball, so hopefully opens it up for us, few goals and the juggernaut rolls on towards 55.


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Massive game today, hoping we come out the traps with high tempo and quick passing. A win today will really set us up nicely, I know they’re bottom of the league however they always raise their game against us and with new signings this has potential to be a banana skin, tynecaslte is always a hard place to go. 3-0 the bears, katic, Jack and Barasic.


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Rangers to win a scrappy 2-1

Got the 1-0 right the other day but as I’m going to back it this time it won’t be the score :rolleyes:


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I was far more nervous about last Wednesday's game than I am about today.

I knew Goodwin would have St Mirren well organised and difficult to break down.

Today will be totally different.
Their manager has a high press, play football all over the park policy and that will suit us perfectly.

Hearts have some decent players and i think they will climb the table sharpish under Stendel, but we will create plenty of chances against their style of play.

3-0 Rangers and looking forward to the best away day out of the season.


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We need to start much better than we did on our last visit to Tynecastle. We can’t allow them to build up any momentum as they will take any encouragement allowed to them to get tore right in about us.
Crush them early and we can score a few today.


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Like a few of you, this game worries me.

Playing the day after the rotten lot is never ideal, we need to get to our game in hand.

Climbing to the summit is likely to be enough to end them.


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Think it will be tough. Out for a birthday meal and not going to see the game today. Will be checking in on the match thread for updates. God help me :oops:


Tough test today, can see it being a scrappy affair but we will edge it 0-1. Cmon rangers, big performance and a step closer to 55!