Henry Hall of St Johnstone


Henry Hall of St Johnstone

I hated that bastard!

Him, Drew Busby and Drew Jarvie were the banes of my life as kid when I was collecting bubblegum cards - when you wanted Colin Stein or Derek Parlane you got HENRY FUCKING HALL :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Then someone on the internet told me he was a Tim. :eek:



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That St Johnstone team with him and John Connolly were really good.
I had always thought Connolly was the tim, seems a name can be deceiving

prussian blue

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He was a student p e teacher in easterhouse at one time quite quiet guy .Well for a p e teacher they all liked the sound of their own voices.


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Can't argue with the OP.:)

First thing I thought of when I saw the name, was his ugly fcukin coupon on virtually every pack of cards you opened. :mad:


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Funny that. Obviously the makers held back the "beezer" cards and flooded the market with Henry Halls. It kept us daft eejits buying them. Seem to recall a flooded market in Airdrie players.
The chewing gum was rank.


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I hated the Henry Hall card too . Always remind me of a school teacher.

I was in Belfast and didn’t even know who he was. Could even swap him.

Willie D.

I actually saw him play live and score a goal way back in August 1970 when my Irish League club Ballymena United played St. Johnstone in a pre-season game. He and John Connolly, a self-confessed Rangers fan, were their star players and Hall looked a sharp player. I also saw Tommy McLean turn in a great performance for Killie in another pre-season game in 1968, you could see he was destined for greater things.