Hibs Bring In The Sniffer Dogs For Timmy

Harthill Bill

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Hibs to use sniffer dogs on Celtic and home fans at Easter Road
Hibernian will use highly-trained sniffer dogs for the first time when Celtic visit Easter Road on Sunday.

The two sets of supporters have been urged to arrive at the stadium early amid heightened security to avoid lengthy delays as the club looks to crack down on drugs and pyrotechnics.

The animals have been previously employed at several major events in Scotland including concerts.

Hibs chiefs are hopeful that stopping smoke bombs, fireworks and illegal substances at source will prove a major step towards ending the anti-social behaviour that has plagued the club.
Those poor dugs. :(


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I hope they do find something sinister and the SPFL dock them points ... oh wait that would only happen if we were top and clear on points !
Celtic have announced - The SFA agree - Hoopy the Hound will take charge of operations. The green brigade meantime will continue in their support of murdering terrorist group the IRA (not the 'new one' as reported in our MSM, there isn't such a thing ffs!). Liewell will instruct media of any changes which may fly in the face of decent humanity.


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I actually think the dogs will be ok. They’ll be safely stationed at Pollok Park, they’ll still be able to smell those mhanky fucks from 50 miles away.


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If they feel threatened,are the dogs legally allowed to defend themselves?
We all know what the fans of potatoes FC are like, I feel sorry for the dogs and their handlers because they will be on the end of some horrific abuse today.


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Can you imagine the amount of training they dogs had to go through.
I have images of them getting a green and grey top rubbed into their snout by their handler before going into action.
Maybe they could get awarded medals like those military dogs in Afghanistan.