Hibs owner calls for end to booze ban


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Scotland is a tinpot backwards country in Football match day experience. Accrington Stanley has a better organised match day experience. They have live bands before and after . If we can't have a game of football sell beer in Scotland it shows we are backwards .Every other league in the world sells beer to their supporters and gives other entertainment for match day experience.


drunk folk at the football are always drunk before they get there. Being able to drink over priced pints will not suddenly create mass riots. It's easy to control, limit it to serving 2 drinks per person. this creates queues and probably means each person will only have a couple of pints a game. Assuming they actually want to watch the football and not spend the entire game queuing for a drink.


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The worlds went mad. Taking everything that's enjoyable in life, ie, getting pissed and singing songs at the football. We are being controlled and getting told what's right and wrong. Fascist behaviour imo


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Until about 3 seasons ago, I was for this idea. I think revenue generated would be a big plus but the more I see of the incidents we have in our game and our drink culture in Scotland I would not be for this anymore. This would only lead to more and more incidents like we have seen for the last 3 seasons, someone will get hurt.


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There could be a system in place to allow this.

Make it open to only season ticket holders and limit it to 3 pints per season ticket.

Lizzy's 11

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Part of the problem with drink is people tanning them in the pubs before hand as they know they won't get another until after the match. Personally I thinki If you provide drinks in the concourses then people would drink a bit more responsibly in the pubs knowing they can get one at the game.


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If I recall correctly, one of the factors in the original ban was fans taking carry- out's into the game then using the empties as missiles. People still arrive pissed up at games to this day,


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It could happen if there was more call from clubs for it. Why not have a trial? Why don't we put ourselves forward for a trial before another club beats us to it. It isn't 1980 anymore, it is actually very civilised at football these days.


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never once had any issue with fans getting up an down, or anything while attending the warriors. It works so well, sometimes they have this machine that pours 4 perfect pints at once, so queues minimal.

All bars should use this. Detest getting a shitty poured pint.


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Yeah, what that bunch need is to be allowed to drink before the game. How many incidents of fan trouble have they had in the last 12 months alone??


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Don't see why it can't be trialled. If it works the slowly implement it, if not then nothing lost.
Can easily just restrict the sale of it for higher risk games

Warren Hill

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Fans will drink before the games but allowing them more drink inside is basically pouring petrol onto the fire with a large element.


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Clubs can't organise selling decent soft/hot drinks and pies, there is no way they could organise booze as well.


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Split on this.

Hate what I call speedbump society where everyone ends up paying/sufferring for the idiotic actions of the few. Adults should be allowed to make their own decisions and then take the consequences if they break the law.

However, let's face it, every club has it's share of aholes. And the bigger the fanbase the more fandans. We are certainly no exception. And with the way things are moving towards strict liability, I don't know why any clubs would sanction the sale of alcohol in their grounds which could be directly linked to bad behaviour, which they would then be liable for. And we more than anyone else would be held liable. It's a certainty. And for what? To make a few extra quid on mathdays? When there's pubs all round stadiums providing that service to fans anyway? Truth is, we have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol in this country and the government is unlikely to go along with this anyway. And I think I agree. I don't see any need for it. if anyone can't just sit and enjoy the game for a couple of hours without a pint, then it's a bad sign.


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Well they want people to stop driving to Ibrox. Bring back the pints and it will encourage people to leave their car at home :)).

Could be done cost effectively with fridges and decanting into paper cups. While not my favourite drink, Tennents are already a supplier for the club.

Sadly, we will continue to be treated like petulant children and the choice will not be in our hands. Police Scotland will most certainly object.

Anyway, still waiting for contactless payment to be accepted at Ibrox, never mind an actual change to the offerings.


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Says he as he watched a drunk thug hibs fan attack James Tavenier and a booze bottle thrown at Bora Barasic. Not to mention his thousands of scum fans cause mayhem in the cup final. Unbelievable the idiots in power in scotshit football.


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I like a beer as much as most. And ilove to have a beer at the game. BUT. I’m 100% against it in Scottish football.

Every support in the country has a sizeable percentage of their support who act like fannies and act like worse fannies when pissed up.

It would be a recipe for disaster imo

Dougie Gray

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If idiots can't behave themselves sober then they definitely won't when drunk. Absolute non starter
When was the last time there was any hint of bother at Ibrox in games for instance outwith Rats, Sheep and Hivs? No reason why your average bear shouldn’t be able to enjoy a pint at all other games at the very least.


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I think they should trial it at Hampden for international matches and maybe semi finals. Probably not Old Firm games just yet but at least that should be a relatively safe environment to show it can work.

Then start rolling it out to other stadiums if it is a success. In England you can't get a drink while the game is on or take it back to your seat and it seems to be fine there. Pre match, half time and it would be good if there were areas to have a drink post match as well.


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If it’s just beer in plastic pint tumblers I don’t see the problem tbh. There’s only so much of them you can consume in 90 minutes. The ban doesn’t stop someone tanning a bottle of Buckfast before the game.


I watched a documentary on the new Spurs Stadium and it has it's own brewery built in. On a match day they sell 23,000 pints of their own beer and pocket all the profits. Their beer is also for sale as a carry out at shops outside of the stadium. That's a fair bit of income that we can't get access to.

Porto Loyal

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Part of the problem with drink is people tanning them in the pubs before hand as they know they won't get another until after the match. Personally I thinki If you provide drinks in the concourses then people would drink a bit more responsibly in the pubs knowing they can get one at the game.
Can people really not go two hours without a beer?

Maybe it's just the fact that I've never felt need to have a drink at every social occasion (Gigs, theatre, airports etc).


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Pints in the concourse would be a revenue spinner.

The Scottish game is in dire straits financially and the powers that be are starving it of further cash.

We’re behind the times with everything in this country. A pint of beer isn’t going to make someone a less of a crackpot at a match. If they want to get steaming, they’ll get steaming in the pub before it. Never understood the alcohol ban at all.
Absolute money spinner, I've heard people complain it'll take them out of their seat and they'll stand in the concourse drinking...........big deal, they're generating cash and they've paid their ticket. Win/win.


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The booze ban is stupid and is enforced on the current generation. It makes no sense. If they want to keep it then use it for Rangers v them (& vice versa). What's the point in any other game?


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Sensible approach to start would be have it at what might be deemed low risk games, like Rangers v Livingston. Club makes cash, fans can buy a few pints and there's little to suggest fans will become more volatile as a result.

Sounds too much like common sense, so the SFA/Cops/ScotGov will look to block any genuine attempts to allow the sale of alcohol at games.


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Even putting aside the consequences of fan behaviour for a moment can you imagine some of the vegetables who work in the Ibrox concourses doing this?

Some of them struggle to give you the right pie never mind pour a pint (Spurs auto pour system probably not available)


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It depends on how it was enforced.
Last EPL game I was at was at the Ethiad and you could buy a beer there at the food kiosk, but you weren't allowed to take alcohol out to the seats, so you had to drink it in the foyer bit.
It was refreshing to be able to get a beer at the stadium, but it was only enough time to get one really before KO.