Hibs semi final


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Group 1 STH+CCCS+MyGers - doesn't stated that but that is the group I am in

Group 1 - STH + CCCS + My Gers
Group 2 - STH + CCCS
Group 3 - STH + MyGers
Group 4 - STH
Group 5 - MyGers
Group 6 = General Sale
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I've got it too, actually don't want to be successful for ticket as will be at a stag do that weekend.


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No email for me or grandson but showing in history

Bronze, Season Ticket, CCCS all home games including friendlies, MyGers.


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Assuming all Group 1 are going to be guaranteed a ticket. How likely do we think for Group 2s?

Khal Drogo

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I’ve got it as well, not a MyGers member but ST holder on CCCS and ticked all home non-ST matches.

So on that basis all MyGers/ST/CCCS should have a ticket presumably.
Im in the same boat. Hopefully get one as well then


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It only says “sale requirement” whereas it’s usually “balloted supporter” when it first appears


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I have 1 for me and 1 for my daughter, my other daughters is not showing up yet, on CCS, My Gers etc, I'm assuming it will show up soon.


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Nothing in my history yet.

Where is being signed up for Semis/Finals listed? All I can see under CCCS is home friendlies and non season ticket home games


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Nada for me or the other 3 in my group and we are all “group 1” silver Mygers signed up to CCCS