Hibs Statement On SFA/SPFL/EBT

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Hibernian supporters have contacted the Club directly, and via their two elected Non-Executive Directors, to enquire as to the Club’s position regarding Rangers, HMRC and the use of EBTs.

The Board has discussed the matter at successive Board meetings, and has come to a unanimous view. The Club had intended to make this known earlier, but a variety of factors, not least the need to focus on and conclude Hibernian business during the transfer window, delayed this.

Your Board fully understands the concerns of supporters regarding this issue, on all sides of the argument.

During the past six years, the matter has been interrogated by the highest courts in the land, by the SFA, and by the SPFL. In recent weeks, both the SPFL and SFA have taken extensive legal advice which does not support or encourage taking further action.

The lengthy and detailed explanation of the SPFL legal advice (July 26th 2017) makes clear that this matter has now been thoroughly examined by some of Scotland’s keenest legal minds, and their opinion is that – given the rules which applied at that time - no additional sanctions could be retrospectively applied. Similar legal views have been obtained by the SFA. Both organisations have looked at the issue and at potential sanctions, and have received strong and clear legal advice.

The SPFL – whilst accepting that no additional sanctions can be retrospectively applied – wants an independent review into how the issue was handled. The SFA has referred a specific aspect to its compliance officer. For all of these reasons, we also do not support the letter from the SPFL calling for a further independent review.

Your Board believes our game faces a choice. We either continue to spend significant sums of money and huge reserves of time and energy to challenge already lengthy and detailed legal advice. Or, we can focus on doing all we can to invest in the future of our Club and the wider game to improve our sport, and ensure there can be no repeat of the issues raised

We prefer the latter option - working to ensure that in the future our game is fairer and more open, and has the potential to secure greater commercial income to fund further improvement for the longer term.

Scottish football is finally emerging from a period of significant turbulence, which has damaged the sport, into a much more exciting future. While we know this is a divisive issue that will never be resolved to the satisfaction of all supporters, we cannot allow it to divert us from the future or to keep us mired in the past.

It is the view of your Board that we should focus 100% on a brighter future for Hibernian, and for the game. All of our energy will be used trying to bring future success to our own club, and to working together to create a future that all of our supporters can be proud of, on and off the pitch.

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They both talk behind the scenes and Lawwell will know Hibs intentions.Something afoot,but anybodys guess what.Looking forward to our official view on this.


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They make some really good points. In other words concentrate on ourselves and move forward or join celtics bandwagon and hold ourselves back.


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Haha that must've been brutal for them to write. Can just see them in the boardroom now;

"Right chaps how do we write 'we know those Hun bastards were cheating (and even if they weren't we don't care as we think/hope they were) but sadly the rules won't let us punish them non stop for nothing', anyone got any ideas? "


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One of Lawwell's usual allies going against his wishes. Hopefully this is the house of cards beginning to fall for the him and his influence in Scottish football.


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If Lawwell can't count on the support of Regan and Petire then he's fucked.

It's quite obvious everyone involved in the game wants to move on.

The lunatic fringe that are so vocal online hold no sway in the real world.


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That's Hivs and Aberdoom.

Jesus Pedro, should maybe have stfu and enjoyed the power you had instead of trying to take ti further eh?


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Is this maybe part of the orchestrated campaign. Is this really all about Peter being able to say "I done my best" at the agm?

A massive face saving exercise basically?


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I wonder how disappointed Lawwell will really be that even arch Rangers haters like Hibs aren't backing him? Given his arrogance and assumption of godliness it probably won't worry him in the slightest. Let him carry on with his paranoid pursuit, it'll hopefully ultimately destroy him and his club.


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Has the fat jap basically done this to show the bottom feeders he did what he could? Nobody else would help but we tried...... I wouldn't put it past him.

Surely SFA Peter and Celtic Peter talked to his minions at the SPFL, SFA etc before releasing his statement the other day.

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And this is from one of the main protagonists (Petrie) who wanted us absolutely hammered back in 2012.

Pig eyed Pete is fast running out of allies. Maybe Eddie Thompson's failure of a son at Dundee Hibs will come running to his rescue?


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Regan said he sent emails out to all 108 members and only got one reply from the tims, pathetic scum.


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On reading out the Hibs statement on snyde 1 Keevins proceeded it by saying this " If there is any member club out there then stand up beside Celtc "

Absolutely disgraceful using a programme for his own agenda, This also follows hid Friday night outburst several times of encouraging people to crowdfund for a review.


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Four priests has stated if no other clubs back celtc on this then it's down to Lawell to take the next logical step against the SFA ?