Hibs Statement On SFA/SPFL/EBT


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Four priests has stated if no other clubs back celtc on this then it's down to Lawell to take the next logical step against the SFA ?
I would be delighted to see that fat scumbag take the SFA to court so that the game in this country could finally be excised of his vile influence.


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I know nothing that supports my theory, but I think our board is fighting back behind the scenes. We have some powerful guys on our board, I'm hopeful they are calling others out ;)
Was listening to him on way home from work there. Going on about how all these other clubs should release statements the same as Hibs. Why should they?

He's hurting big time haha!

Blue Phoenix

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To those on this board who apparently refuse to listen to SSB - you're missing yourself tonight. Keevins and the poisonous obsessive callers are spewing at the SFA statement and Hib's backing of their position.


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I think it is more and more evident that The fat jap is playing this out publucly to appease the green and grey hordes. He can now pretended he tried.


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Interesting times ahead.

The Jap isn't pushing the boat out for no reason.

I don't know what he has going on in the background, but his ex best pal Regan better start wearing a stab proff jacket.

Alfredo scores

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Hahaha just turned it on there in time to hear him pleading "If there are any clubs out there who agree with celtic let them speak out now" :)

Ruben Sosa

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Has the fat jap basically done this to show the bottom feeders he did what he could? Nobody else would help but we tried...... I wouldn't put it past him.

Surely SFA Peter and Celtic Peter talked to his minions at the SPFL, SFA etc before releasing his statement the other day.
That's exactly what is happening in my opinion, and Regan is merely playing along.


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what a prick

begging for crowd funding last week on numerous occasions, and now begging for other clubs to join his merry band of desperados


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A brief summary-
We all know we can't punish Rangers anymore.
We (Hibs) don't want to waste any more of our cash on this, cause its costing a bomb.
It's time to move on for the good of the sport.

Wasn't expecting that.


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The gammy giving has stopped

Maybe Peters promises to his pals were as sincere as Celtics investigation into the paedo ring
Looks like Peter the Pied Piper of the Glitterdome doesn't have the following of the so called 42 after all. Another wee lie from Pinocchio? He has to face a charge of Bringing the game into disrepute with this carry on now. Fortunately for him the lickspittle compliance officer will do nothing.....


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1. There was no way Petrie would have resigned as Vice President of the sfa.
2. Rhegan backed him over his cup final remarks, it was pay back time.
3. He is not doing us any favours. Just looking after himself.