Highlights with "alternative" commentary


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brilliant lol McGregoooooooorrrrrr, have no idea what they saying except at the obvious bits but it makes it soooo much better lol


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He’s sensational man. It’s the wee matter of fact gol... then gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool


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I thought McCoist was a little off the mark with his analysis, but hey ho. That commentary is delightful, I reckon Shagger should use that line as his intro music.

Big Buff

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See if Scots Gaelic was as exciting a language as Spanish, I'd be wanting every single one of our games on Alba.


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Wasn't really a seriously negative statement from Ally. He said it a couple of times, “Don’t know if Rangers deserve to be in front.” Followed by, “But who cares?” He was buzzing after Alfie’s goal.
Being blown out of all proportion.

when we went 2-0, he’s probably right, on the balance of play Porto didn’t deserve to be 2 down.

But we got the goals and killed the game.