Highlights without commentary


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Saw this on YouTube last night. The collective roar from our players when the goals went in was a thing of beauty

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You only get a glimpse of it but Barisic’s shout is so high pitched at the second goal. I think there was a previous video of him celebrating which was the same haha.


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Think that was Brown shouting 'What ya doin!' to his keeper when he got the touch over the bar at the very end there.

Excellent :))

theres 3 or 4 of them all have the “aw ffs” reaction to that - brilliant :D

love how for the first minute or two all you hear is TC shouting “get at him Raz” to Kent when he’s driving at their defence


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Tavs free kick at the end, you can hear Broon shaking his head and shouting at their Keeping saying what you doing when he touched it over :))


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"Brilliant Fil" (Scottish accent) has got to be from McGregor. The only Scot in the starting line up. Only other person it could be is Ryan Jack if he was warming up trackside I reckon.

But aye, McGregor.

Love this stuff. Something new and different.


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On RTV we had the usual Rangers crowd noise throughout the match, I don't know what they had on Sky.

Crocker's annoying commentary and the filth piping their own crowd noise through the tannoy means we didn't get to enjoy the player interactions as much as I'd been looking forward to. Crocker's obviously not on this clip, but the players voices seem clearer here and not drowned out as much by the tarrier tannoy for some reason.
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Alfie’s scream and we cheeky face after the second goal :)) :)) :))

What would’ve have made that better is if the piped in tramps was turned off after Connor’s second.
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