Hillsborough Disaster - Andrew Devine


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I'm not familiar with this case but has he been in a coma or something all this time? The statement doesn't really say much


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Tragic news

Did we lose anyone further down the line in similar circumstances? From injuries received in the disaster?


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Sad news. RIP Andrew.

"At an inquest held in Liverpool today, it was ruled that Andrew was unlawfully killed as a result of the disaster"

Sounds like that was almost a formality, if I'm reading it properly, with the decision was reached so quickly after his passing.

It'll bring it all back for the survivors and families though I'm sure they think about it every day anyway.

I suppose some justice was finally received in the last couple of years but with Andrew's story, it's not finished yet either.


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I'll never forget it.we played in a semi final against st Johnstone at parkhead that afternoon. The news filtered round the Rangers end that something horrible had happened. Drove home in stony silence. A tragedy. Heartfelt condolences.
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