History of the Liverpool FC badge


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....talking of which the scum should really have the words GLASGOW Rangers going round the circumference of their crest to represent their historical subjugation to us and their legitimate inferiority complex.
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I never knew this.

The club initially took up the city of Liverpool's coat of arms as its emblem. The design features the Roman god of freshwater and the sea, Neptune, and the Greek god and messenger of the sea, Triton. They flank two Liver birds, or cormorants, while the Latin phrase below reads "God hath granted us this ease"


Liverpool FC ,as we know have had lots to put up with over the years,including their YNWA song being whored all over a part of Glasgow and in Europe by other teams.
but they have progressed as a football club, came back to win the title after 30 years and that has to be applauded.

Liverpool FC are instantly recognised as a danger in Europe again these days,and no-one wants to draw them.

Earl of Leven

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I believe one of the Founders was an Orangeman
Indeed. And their first XI was all Scottish....they were the 'Prod' team, despite Everton being founded by Methodists and being a Prod team. The reason apparently is that Goodison is nearer what was 'Little Dublin' where the Irish all settled...and they attached themselves to Everton until bizarrely it began changing again when Liverpool became good in 70s and 80s.


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I have an old pin badge of the one that looks like the Man Utd badge. Gifted from an uncle who used to visit grounds across the country and I had always assumed it was a bad knock-off confusing the clubs.


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It is far too busy now....the one from 50s to 87 is a classic.
Agreed the mid 80’s badge was timeless, thankfully they reintroduced it for the football kits.

The addition of green ruined the badge, all to please carlsberg too. Liverpool’s colours before their sponsorship with them were always Red and white, with a bit of gold/yellow.
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