Hodgson says they had no interest in defoe

the bridge

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What that tweet been Woy it would have said, “That’s not twoo, we had no intawest”. It’s a fake account.


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Palace were probably looking at Defoe the same time as they were looking at Solanke. I would suggest that when the Solanke deal fell through, that we were already well down the road in putting ground work in place to bring Defoe to us.

Roy isn't going to admit to the Palace supporters well,here's what you could've had,is he?.


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Did he go through the living at home test before addressing the Media.
What is your name?
What day is it?
What year is it?
Do you know where you are?

I’m not sure he could answer all of them in the correct order :p


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I remember him being a bit of a cock when we were trying to get Davis from Fulham.

‘Rangers get 50,000 fans every week, they should be able to afford £7m’ or something along those lines?