Home kit available from 24th of June


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Some of the designs I've seen from adidas and Nike are awful for 2022-23

Real Madrid, Man Utd, Arsenal - same home kit template, polo shirt style collar, changed colours
Juve and Bayern - same home kit template, round collar, changed colours

Liverpool, Spurs, England - same home kit template, round collar, changed colours

Agreed. Castore designs are absolutely fine, no better or worse than Nike and Adidas.

Some people will like them, some won’t. That’s just life.


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I’m interested in this too, want to get the wee man it for holidays on Monday….
Shame you can’t rely on Castore doing a quick turnaround on orders. Albeit Monday would be tight anyway.

I think they miss a bit of a trick not getting it out a couple of weeks before the schools finish. There’s be loads more about on travels.


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Having a look on the store site just now and scrolling down, check out the size of the sponsor on the woman's top, it's huge. Or is that the Lana Wolf massive tits stretching it out range?


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Annoying about the shite sponsor, need to wait god knows how long for you gullible lot to buy them up before we release the proper shirt for this season


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The shorts are nasty.



Teddy bear

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Are they sponsorless with white socks? Is that right?


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I’m thinking that the picture for the socks on the infant kit is just a mistake.. the design of them, white with red triangles on the turn down, is making me think they are the away socks as they match the rumoured white and red diagonal away top


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How long do we need to put up with these Castore cunts?

Also why are their EPL clubs (Leeds for example) with a Boxt logo that is an outline on their sleeve and ours is that hideous white box?