Honest Opinions how do think the Group will pan out?


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I'm thinking win both remaining home games qualify via a better head to head than someone



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I think we lose away and draw at home.

Suspect it will go down to the final game.

YB weren’t great, which is a bonus.


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I didn't think we would qualify before the group started and i still dont now.

I think we had to win last night.

6-7 points and 3rd.

Disappointing because though Young Boys were poor and had we performed we wouldn't have been a match for them.

monkey magic

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I reckon we'll win away in Porto but drop points at Ibrox in a game just like last night. There was a thread not long about trusting this Rangers side. Right now, I don't.


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Glorious failure just like last season, we get ourselves in a great position and throw it away.

Shengus Malengus

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Any two from six.

I don’t think Porto have the quality some people think.

It looks like a group with 4 teams of near enough equal ability.


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Can see us drawing at home to Porto and losing away. We could sneak a point in Feyenoord, but then we will likely go into the last game level on 5 points with Young Boys and Feyenoord and Porto already through on 8 each.

We need Young Boys to win another home game, or we need to beat Feyenoord/take 4 from Porto.


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If we're going into the final game at home to YB needing a win to qualify, I'll be delighted (and a little surprised).

It's apparent that the group is generally even with home advantage being vital. A point last night would have made a big difference.


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If we can get a draw away to Porto then it puts massive pressure on them to come and win at Ibrox. I think we are capable of winning any of the games. Two wins from the last four maybe be enough to go through

Stan the Man

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I honestly think that we can win both our home games ,it will be difficult but not impossible that gives us 9 points and if we can scrape a point away then we will qualify,I think the gaffer really wants to go 1 better than last year and he'll be driving us on to victory


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Theres no chance we will win all our home games. We never do. I'm a bit more pessimistic than I was last night now. I reckon we will lose in Porto, draw with them at home. Draw in Rotterdam, go into last game needing a win to go through then draw that too.

Chester Loyal

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We’ll get beat in Porto then draw with them at home then we’ll either lose or draw away to Feyenoord and then get whatever result doesn’t get us through in the last game v Young Boys (e.g. lose when we have to draw or draw when we have to win).

It’s always been the same with us in Europe.


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I posted a thread saying I was thankful we had YB at home last. I still stand by that. If we are still in it you'd fancy us with the Ibrox crowd behind us.

If we go into this game needing the win to qualify, I wouldn't bet against us. Relish the prospect.

Excitement be at fever pitch with this scenario.


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Never expected us to qualify in the first place, as long as we grab a couple wins and put up strong shows away from home I'm fine with it. Not going to be raging cause we didn't hammer the Swiss champions on their own ground.


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I think we'll just pip Feynoord to 2nd. Porto to win the group and YB to finish bottom. I suspect last night might be the only win YB will pick up.


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Can see us losing the next 3 and winning at home to YB’s and finishing on 6 points. Last night was a huge opportunity and as some have said, will be last years Spartak I think.


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Many strangely seem to think beating Porto is a foregone conclusion.

I don't think it's a conclusion but I think taking them at home is a possibility.

We turned over Feynoord well, who in turn beat Porto, who beat Young Boys, who beat us.

Nothing is a given in this group.


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I think we'll finish on 7 points. Beating Young Boys at Ibrox and drawing with Porto at Ibrox. Nowt away from home.