How are your emotions regarding Sunday v Them?


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We need to start well, and we are due a performance against those bastards, I personally think we’ll be well up for it... the Tim’s in work are confident and world beaters again after the result against livi lol

We win this game, we will win the cup .. Gerrard will have us fired up

Delboy Trotter

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I have concerns based on our last two performances against them where if we’re honest, McGregor for us prevented us losing both games

previous 2/3 games against them we haven’t showed up to play anywhere near our capable level.

if we turn up and put in a performance that we’re capable of, we’ll win the game no question about it

if we show up as we have done in the recent 2 games, for me it’s a 50/50 tie.

i know folk will say they still couldn’t beat us in the past 2 games which is valid but it required some top class goalkeeping


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I don't think we've been anywhere near our best for quite a few games now

That doesn't mean we haven't been worthy winners - we've definitely improved in winning games while not at our best

But it's been a while since we've blown teams away by playing quick attacking football with impressive fire power & all guns blazing in top gear - the way we did earlier in the season

I know we're still capable of doing this - so it'd be great to return to that type of performance on Sunday

However scraping a win in almost any manner - even with a dodgy penalty - or disputed off-side decision - would still work for me -

It's just my nerves would prefer to blow them away with a convincing score line - not to mention the bragging rights & smugness factors

Blue Trossachs

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Hopefully we can start the came on the front foot, No Slack passing, High Tempo, Kent running at them, El Buff dragging them all over the Place, 3-1 Gers,


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Same as every game for me

through the week a doubt in my head

come sunday morning we are smashing these (unts


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We have 55 . We stopped them getting what they wanted more than life itself . Even if we lose 9/0 on Sunday I’ll still be floating on clouds for a few years . Totally relaxed .
It’s a massive game and we need to be at a much better level if we are to go through. Obviously 15th May will be special whatever happens but I can’t help but feel it will have an extra shine if we have won this one and are preparing for a cup final. This competition has been the place that a lot of our worst moments of the “banter years” have taken place in. It would feel like another step towards being back on top for us to win it.


A mate of mine.....
Nervous tbh.

Our last two performances against them haven't been good enough. January should've been a wake up call.


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I wont be putting us on my coupon.
I'm hoping we win of course but I ain't super confident given how we have been playing of late.


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I'm not confident at all, I think our performance levels have dropped off recently after winning the league, which is perfectly understandable but it's hard to switch back on again.

Steve Snedden

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I'm a bit worried about our defence (i know what our goals against stats looks like) and when I say defence I really mean our midfielders tracking back and plugging gaps.

They are better than the team we beat at The Piggery in Oct and we're far better than the last 2 performances.

If we play at our best then we should win.

Lennon's departure is clearly of benefit to them.

Weirdly, despite 3 wins and a draw, I still think our best performance against them recently was the LC Final which we lost.

TBH I'm all over the place. We really owe them a doing but we could also feasibly lose this tie.
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El Jock Grande Sabia

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I had the fear badly before the last game & said as much in here but this time I'm quietly confident. We turn up & we win comfortably. Play as we did v Hibs & I think we'll still prevail, but it'll be closer.


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Concerned. I rate young Nathan for the future but not so confident about him starting vs them. Midfield worries me as well, it's usually where games are won and lost and right now we have 2 midfielders we can absolutely depend on at the minute in Davis and Kamara. We're due a big performance against them front the front 3 as well. Everybody has to be on it on Sunday.

Neilston Unionist

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I’m a big believer in the law of averages so I’m mildly concerned as they haven’t beat us this season so I’m thinking this will be it. This is not based on anything, I’m just a paranoid cynic!

We are a better team, so we should win if we turn up.


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Have`nt even bothered reading the previous posts and why should I! The answer is this " we will prevail...situation normal has been surrender......Rangers win" nuff said.

Brother Crockett

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Hibs came just at the right time. They were one of the few teams who would be up for it enough to shake us out of the post 55 malaise. A few of our players need to get back to work and realize it's not enough to win one trophy at Ibrox and it's not enough to have good game against Celtic. It's about winning every time you play.

The league is over and they did us proud, but that was essentially last season.

We have five league games left and a Scottish Cup to be won. Beat them, and they have no momentum going into next season.

I remember big Garry giving me absolute pelters at a game in LA, when I said it didn't matter too much that we got a poor result against Aberdeen the weekend before, as we'd already got ourselves into The CL qualifiers.

That's what this game is, no excuses, get up for this and put them back in their place. No acceptance of not winning on the basis of winning the league.


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I want us to give it our all.... Put these rheptiles in their place. It annoys me that they're creeping out from their holes since they put 6 past livi. I've loved the silence since we romped the league. The best I heard in weeks was a mhutant in my work canteen saying 55 never happened as we died in 2012. My response in front of another 3 rangers fans was..... "pacific shelf ya big puddin. Now fuk off I'm eating". All 4 of us burst out laughing as he slipped out the door head held low. I want them utterly destroyed on sunday
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I want us to give it our all.... Put these rheptiles in their place. It annoys me that they're creeping out from their holes since they put 6 past livi. I've loved the silence since we romped the league. The best I heard in weeks was a mhutant in my work cabteen saying 55 never happened as we died in 2012. My response in front of another 3 rangers fans was..... "pacific shelf ya big puddin. Now fuk off I'm eating". All 4 of us burst out laughing as he slipped out the door head held low. I want them utterly destroyed on sunday


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About as confident as I can be with an old firm game. Will be nervous when my alarm goes off Monday morning to watch the match no doubt.


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Never confident in the lead up to Old Firm games but come kick off I'll be predicting a 3-4 goal victory. Step up and play Rangers.


This could be a classic. Brown's grand finale, the dead rubber is just that. Our double stamps the embers as mentioned earlier. That will send the puddle sippers apoplectic. Make it so, Rangers. Front foot from the off. Fucking into them!


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The game will be won or lost in midfield. Kamara has to play in a more forward role. I don’t trust either Hagi or Aribo on their defensive capabilities, judging on previous games against them. That means Arfield has to step up and be combative in the middle. The problem then is who should partner Alfie. If it is Roofe, then Alfie plays deeper. The key to our goals will be Barisic. To me, against Hibs, it looked as though he was carrying an injury. Maybe not. He needs to be on top of his game if we are to win.

Al khobar-ger

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55 years old , luv beating them , end of the world for me if we lose , just the way I am , and it's 10 times worse watching if in the telly than being in the stadium , or in their case the sty


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I’ll be honest, for all the ‘they’re pish’ bravado, we haven’t played well against a decent team for a fair while now, and Tav and Jack (and possibly Arfield if he doesn’t start) will be huge misses. Excluding Cove, we’ve scored 4 and conceded 5 in our last 4. Even if you go back a further two games, it’s scored 8 and conceded 5 in 6 games v top flight opposition. We aren’t looking sharp up front and we aren’t dominating in midfield. We should have enough for them but we have to start well and retain possession better than we have done against them in the last two encounters. Cant let them get a goal up or I think it might be a long afternoon.


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Would be happy to see Aribo and Hagi not start but come on later.
I would play Zungu in the middle to unsettle Christie and McGregor, and start with Wright running at them constantly.
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I am 50/50 on this one. Not entirely confident and most of the reasons have been covered above.

We haven't been playing as well as we were previously. Only natural after the season we have had.

They are in last chance saloon and will want to try and salvage something from a dismal season. Expect Brown to have the game of his life and be up to his usual antics even more than normal. A strong ref clamps down on him early


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I’ve not given it a lot of thought yet.
I’ll admit the last few performances (not results) have me a little uneasy that they seem to have figured us out a little bit. But as long as we win they can do whatever they want.
We need to vastly improve though, since we won the title we’ve been average (understandable really) but this match really is must win.


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I think we really need to be at our best I think they will come out all guns blazing, they have more to lose and would want to beat us as this would be the highlight to their season


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Part of my unease is down to the belief that Gerrard won’t deviate from our favoured system of play and that could play into their hands if we’re not first to the ball and aggressively pressing them from the first whistle.

I really hope therefore that he also considers the questions Celtic are likely to pose us rather than simply sending the players out to play the way we always do because the last couple of games have tended to suggest it isn’t working as well as it was.


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Last two games we’ve underperformed and they’ve overperformed. If that trend reverses, which i think it will, we will win comfortably. I’m going 3-1 with Scotty Arf to get back on the scoresheet.


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Going from confident that we’re unbeaten without being near our best against them and hoping we can reach that and thump them to worrying we have taken our foot off the gas and might not be able to up our game.


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A wee bit concerned if I'm honest. Our last 2 performances against them have been lacking in intensity and creativity and McGregor's been the much busier of the 2 keepers. We need that to change.


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Not been this relaxed for a game v them in years. Normally I'd have pre match nerves by now but they are so insignificant now


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Totally relaxed and calm after a number of years, 55 was the main objective this season and that’s been achieved, there’s been more than enough tension, anxiety and stress felt on the journey back over the years, seeing them implode and the end of terry munro has been hilarious! The cup will be the icing on the cake if it happens, if it doesn’t happen then it’s no big deal (anything can happen in a one off game), as there’s loads more on the horizon as we’re now the dominant team.