How big are Rangers?


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Worked with Man U, West Ham, Newcastle, Middlesborough, and Birmingham fans recently.

The four outside the Man U fan thought that anyone who played in the EPL were bigger than 90% of teams all over the world. Asked why and got because they play in the Prem. So to them it doesn't matter what fan base they have, size of stadium, history and past glories or any of that, simply that they played in the EPL and got the EPL money made them bigger than almost every other football team.

Then the Man U fan piped up that if the financials were leveled and they were in the same league, us and the scum would bury three quarters of the EPL easily without looking back. They tried to slag him and call him out until he reminded them that before the silly money in England Rangers would routinely take players from England and that Rangers were one of the few teams that could compete with them for players. When he pointed out that Rangers supporters clubs were all over the world, like many big European teams, and asked where were theirs, it all went quiet.

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Our replica shirt sales were one of the biggest sellers and most popular in the UK, only 2nd to Man United if I recall correctly. The old Rangers Pools were also once the biggest of its kind for a football club in the UK. A British League, and the access to untold wealth, would see us easily amongst the top and richest clubs in the UK.


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As in stature, fan base, history etc
Fan base and history yes but if you go round south east Asia, South America etc the average guy in the street probably has no idea who we are but I bet he knows the big premier league teams. Certainly in both these places Chelsea, Arsenal and even spurs are huge as well as City, Liverpool and Man United.
As a fan base the biggest in Britain, sky tv has made all premiership teams financially miles in front. About 4 years ago I was in the Ibrox bar in marmaris on a Wednesday night when rangers were playing in the lower leagues at the same time Man Utd were playing, honestly you could hardly get a seat in the Ibrox bar there were maybe about a dozen in Man U bar
We (and them, to be grudgingly honest) are massive club(s) held back only by geography. If we were part of English setup when the tv money started pouring in in the 90s we'd up there with today's elite clubs in Europe.
Nephew and his son were up at weekend and were talking about spl and championship both big Chelsea fans and season ticket holders, were saying we would struggle and that if you go down to championship it is better league now and no guarantee tee that you will come straight up again .
Was telling me that even 4th division players are on 20k to 30k a week now what a difference money makes
4th division players on 20k a week,aye right.
Another point I like to bring up to them is I honestly 100% believe that not a single Derby or forest player would get into our first team. So excited for this season and it's not been like that for a long long time. Finally feel like Rangers are back.


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Living in the southwest of the US, my experience is that not too many people know much about us, or the mendicants. Most people here are only interested in the EPL or the two Spanish superclubs.


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I’ve never seen a Derby or Forrest boozer on my travels abroad. Tv money has ruined the game derby paid £8mil for Waghorn ffs

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I live down in England and most of my pals honestly believe teams like forest and Derby are bigger than Rangers. I'm bringing some of them up the road this season to show them the error of their ways. What other ignorant nonsense do others hear from English fans?
only ones that even mention it down here are man utd fans wankers to a man, Liverpool and city boys get it and understand and know the score but the shite reds are as far as im concerned the fenians of England due to their love of that shower of shite.
i work with majority utd fans and only one out of 24 doesnt like them, they all stay away from me as they know it's not just rivalry of teams but pure hatred , i get on better with City and Liverpool lads.

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I go on an international sports forum a lot and the non-Brits talk about Celtic and Rangers in the same way that they do the EPL teams. I commonly see Yanks refer to us in the same frame as Man United, Liverpool, etc. I think externally we are viewed as a successful, historical, club with an admirable fanbase, manager, and stadium.
thats it. and as ive said on here before.
theres only about ten teams at the most that could move to anywhere in the world and still have a full stadium every week. and were one them.
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I don't think there's many more deluded fans in the world than English lower league fans.

There is a difference between 'lots of money' and genuine quality.

Guys like Ross McCormack getting £12m moves in their leagues seems to make them think they have a massive amount of quality.

The idea that any current Championship teams are bigger than us is laughable. We'd also beat almost all of them with our current team imo.
It's funny. I spoke to a few oxford fans the night before we played them and they genuinely believed they would beat us saying we weren't that big a deal. I put them right of course lol
Forest aren’t a big club but to be fair they can always point to two European Cups in their trophy cabinet, from the few years when Clough had them punching well above their weight. In saying that, back then teams only played four rounds and they were in the final. These days we have four rounds to get through to get into a European competition proper.


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Talk to English fans over the age of 40 and you might get a sensible to English fan under the age of 40 and you'll here the usual league, wouldn't last 2 mins in the English championship, diddy clubs down south are bigger...etc etc


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Watched Leeds 2019 in carabao cup tonight. Watched Leeds 1992 in Champions League. Glasgow Rangers would dwarf many teams In England as they did then will do and now despite financial backing. With financial backing?
Derby is but farmers fields.

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That’s the arrogance of tin pot English clubs because of sky and bt’s Money.
The reality is there’s maybe 6 “big clubs” in England. 2 huge ones in Utd and Liverpool

As for us, we are bigger than most in England by a long long distance.
Not sure how many derby county bars there are the world over, or villa or any other provincial club. We are an institution
Have any of them got a Louden, The defence rest your Honour:rolleyes:
Rangers are in their own league when you measure loyal fan base, history, media revenue, gate receipts, sponsorship, and merchandise. Only two or three clubs in England can say the same.

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There's no doubt that if there were a British league, it would take a few years to get up to speed but on a level playing field, we would then be competing with the best. Remember it only seemed like the other day we were supposed to be 20 years behind the Pederasts.
Rangers are a massive football club. with proper fans, a credible history, a value system, success, rivalry and presence. We always attract (the mainly unwanted) MSM attention that a behemoth institution bring. Take this media intrusion and unwarranted attention as tacit support of how large we are. Along with Arsenal, Man U, Liverpool, Spurs, Celtic ( sorry it pains me to say it as well ) and to a far lesser extent Newcastle form the biggest teams in the UK. The other financially supported upstarts masquerading as tier 1 clubs, are a manufactured entity, that might be important to their non-glory hunting section of their fans, but buying your success as an executive play-thing reduces their luster for me.


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Remind them football as a sport never began in the mid 00’s

Tell them to have a look at the 130 years previous and the impact we had on the game.

They wont.

Therfor their opinion is irrelevant


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I live down in England and most of my pals honestly believe teams like forest and Derby are bigger than Rangers. I'm bringing some of them up the road this season to show them the error of their ways. What other ignorant nonsense do others hear from English fans?
we have loads of english supporters branches and groups but standard of the scottish league is what they see before they see Rangers which IMO is fair.

we are too big to be in the scottish leagues

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