How confident are you for the final?


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Think I'm sitting at about 60/40 in favour of us right now. We've improved since we last played them for me. Barisic has found his form, we've brought Kent & Helander into the fold, other players have settled, and I believe the management team have been consistently finding solutions and learning from mistakes this season.

Only downside is they've also been getting good results. Can't argue with 2 wins over Lazio & qualifying from their Europa League group. One individual mistake could be the decider in a game like this, which is the area we've let ourselves down with in the past. Going to be a cracker I feel.


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I've always been pessimistic when we play them, I think it's just the fear of losing to them more than anything!

I think we can beat them if we play our game. The game at Ibrox earlier in the season The Manager changed our system when he didn't need to. Just play our game and don't fear them. I think it'll be close, we just need the rub of the green on the day.

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We’ve every right to be confident with the way we’ve been playing. They’ll be feeling the same.

It’s the tightest one off game against them in a long time.


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Alfie Kent Tav and Greegs perform we win. I’m confident that right will prevail, we are better than them if we believe we are. 3-0 the sons of William


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They’ve got a mindset of winning big games at Hampden. We have had a few disasters in the last few years.

But if we play the way we did in the 2 home games in Ibrox last season and press them, I think we’ve got enough about us to do it.

But we all need to be up for it. I literlly don’t give a shit about the YB game the following Thursday . I hope we tun ourselves into the ground to get the job done .

A win lays a big marker for the season and gives us a huge boost mentally.


As long as we don’t shite it against them like we did at the start of the season. Their best player so far this season Elyounoussi or however you spell it is supposedly injured which is a big boost. Play our game, don’t fear them and score the first goal I’d fancy Rangers to win


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It's a final, anything can happen! I feel we underestimate how good our team is, in my mind we're favourites!
If we set up to play like we want to win (unlike we did at Ibrox) we'll win. I'm confident that Gerrard has had a few months more to suss them out and we'll go for it. We have to.


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We need two good halves and we don’t often get that, which is a concern. Too often do we need the Gerrard half time rocket to wake up.


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I’m nervous as %^*&! I’ll be shitting on the day. But cheering Rangers on in defiance and hope more than knowing what the outcome will be.

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We have nothing to fear. If we get the team selection right we can beat them. There’s not a lot between the two sides. If we turn up on the day the we will get the job done.


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I think we CAN win, but to be completely confident, a few of our 1st team - Tav, Arfield, perhaps Kamara - whose form has been erratic, will need to step up and bring their 'A-game'. Remember, Rangers have been playing catch-up to a celtic team that had so many built-in unfair financial advantages, advantages that are still reflected to some degree in the calibre of personnel they can field in relation to Rangers.

Against the odds, Rangers, under Gerrard have made huge strides in closing the gap with their OF rivals. I feel we are almost there, and if things go our way we can certainly beat them. But if I'm honest, I think we are still a couple of quality players away from me being able to say: 'yes, we are now the stronger team, both in terms of the starting XI, and the bench', and from going into OF games as the recognized favourite.