How do we win the league next season?


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Possibly seems like an obvious question but I would like to see what others thought going from our games last season?

The strength in depth we have now will help while
we play 2/3 games in a week and hopefully cut out the silly dropped points we had - Motherwell & Dundee (both away) instantly spring to mind.

Better discipline as Gerrard has mentioned - as again it cost us points - Aberdeen and possibly Celtic away.

And finally I think we NEED to take something at Celtic Park this season.


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Were always going to drop points at some point in the season but not beating killie once last year cost us big time.

A chance to put things right on the first game of the season.


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Play like we did in the final 3rd of last season and 55 will be on its way.

We were far to reliant on Alfredo at times last season, after the scum game in March we kicked on big time.
Deal with the rest. Stop focusing on Celtic as like last season I think they games will just balance themselves out. If we had beaten Dundee, Motherwell and St Johnstone for example we would have been right in it at the end. It's not an impossible task to consistently beat these teams. Add just 1 win against Hibs or Kilmarnock and you see how fine the margins are.


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When we go top we need to put the foot down and keep winning. Any time last year where we got ourselves in a good position we went and blew it - losing to Kilmarnock first game back after beating celtic etc.

We need to get in the habit of consistently winning, and putting winning runs together. How many times last year did celtic score late to turn a draw into a win. We need to grind out the results when needed.


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Play like we did in the final 3rd of last season and 55 will be on its way.

We were far to reliant on Alfredo at times last season, after the scum game in March we kicked on big time.
I think that was because we had a settled team for the run in, yet before January we kept making changes. Hopefully the quality back up will help this season - Defoe>Lafferty, Aribo>Ejaria, Ojo>Grezda


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My main annoyance was those games where we battered teams yet somehow couldn't get the ball in the net. Some games felt like we would never score - mid season games before we changed things about a bit sticking Arfield further up the park when teams seemed to figure out how to stifle us in the the final third.

This season I reckon we have players who will be able to score from around the 18 yard line.

I believe we also now have a subs bench that could feasibly come on and change a game, which will be the biggest difference this year.


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There'll always be games like Livingston where we just play shite and deservedly get beat. Both us and the taigs will have a couple of those a season.

But for me the most damaging points we lost last season were the ones where we couldn't get the killer goal or couldn't see the game out - Hibs home and away, Pittodrie opening game, Fir Park.... there's 8 points right away, each due to a single late goal. Taking the lead at Killie in January, missing a couple of chances for the 2nd then shooting ourselves in the foot.

The signings we're making look like we're trying to address those issues at both ends of the pitch. I'm encouraged. Wouldn't say my groin is tingling yet, but if we get off to a good start......


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At least parity in head-to-head with them, don't drop stupid points (10 points dropped v Kilmarnock, 6 points dropped v Hibs and 5 points dropped to Aberdeen last season!) and the the jobs a goodyin!


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Start Strong.

Last year we got 11 out of a possible 21 points in our opening 7 games. We lost the league by 9 points.

This year we have:
Killie (A)
Hibs (H)
St Mirren (A)
Celtic (H)
Livingston (H)
St Johnstone (A)
Aberdeen (H)

If we come through that period ahead of and having beaten Celtic, we'll go on to win it.
Build up a lead and keep piling the pressure on.

I'm certain that they'll crumble if we can win our first 6 or 7 games. They have Neil Lennon in charge ffs.

The first game against them in crucial, but we really need to go into that game with maximum points.

Come on Rangers!


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Our biggest failure in the league last season was following up our wins against the beasts with losses to Kilmarnock. That is very telling about our squad. It shows inexperience, and a lack of focus.
We need more quality players, and they need to be hungry and driven to win. Quality and strong mentality. That's what it takes in a squad to win titles.
Consistency really is key. 2/3 times last season we went on runs of 3/4 games picking up 1/2/3 points. Cut that out and we’ll win the league. The Tarriers will drop points - we need to make sure to capitalise.

There will be times we’ll draw. There will be times we’ll lose. We need to drop the cycle of letting it happen in small blocks.

No more than 6 draws. No more than 4 defeats. 28 wins. 90 points.


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By kicking off where we ended. The last 8-10 games are the strongest rangers team ive seen in almost a decade. Definitely the discipline has to be better above all we need players playing for the jersey which i think most of if not all the squad now do. The league is imperative and consistency is key. Im buzzing for this season, the structure that has been implemented since Stevie Gerrard took the reins has been impressive. now is out time #55
Last season we were too reliant on one formation and Morelos. Against hammer thrower defenders,squad players like Greg Stewart could quite easily win us matches that could be the difference this season


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The league won’t be won against Celtic.Itll be won at Shittodrie,Tynecastle,Easter Road and Rugby Park.We must go to these shit holes and win consistently.The games against Shame FC will take care of themselves.


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Consistency and a bit more discipline... We as a support have a massive part to play in the tight games at ibrox. We are our own worst enemy at times if we aren't winning by HT.

mark hateley

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To start with 4/4 wins going into the international break.

Confidence up and hopefully taigs have only won 2/4 which will give us a 5 point swing.

If we play like we did at the end of the season and have improved through our new signings then the taigs will be worried.

In saying that KO out of CL and then in EL would be nice. Tierney gone and McGregor gone their replacements won't be a patch on them.


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Stop conceding late and silly goals , turn those draws into wins , get some consistency . Continue to be prolific in front of goal .

On the face of it , our squad is stronger and we have strengthened the defence . We are in a good place


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Agree with post 39.

If we can win the first 4, we’ll be at least 3 points ahead of them.

Maintain or better their points tally between game 5 and Xmas.

Win the Xmas game over there.

We’ll then be at least 6 points ahead of them. Happy New Year and hello 55.


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It's down to developing the right mentality now,We have brought in some really decent talent now they need to prove they are up for the fight,Every team in the league raise their game v us especially at their own middens and we need to react and out play and over power them.


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We really need to win the first 3 league games so go into the Ibrox game against them with a chance to be at least 3 points ahead.

Need to have a good start for sure and our December is tough so I think we need to be leading by 5+ points going into December.

After the winter break we have 8 home games out of 13 before the split. If we are level or not too far behind in Jan we have a chance to build a decent lead before the split.
Improve the draws at Ibrox, turn them into wins against lower league opposition.

Utilise squad rotation when we are playing 2/3 games a week now we have deeper squad quality.

Drastically improve our discipline, we need as many fit players available for as many games as possible.

Be lucky with injuries to keep our squad depth.

Pray that somehow the refereeing standard has dramatically improved in Scotland.

Beat the tims twice at Ibrox again.

Do all the above and I truly believe we will be seeing 55 come may


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Not panicking when we do drop points or lose a stupid goal.

The game after new year at Killie killed the season unfortunately. We started well, with a swagger, then boom one mistake and we went into our shells.

I think we’ll be close this year, probably 10-15 points better off than last season.....


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We need to bury teams early doors, put the result to bed in the first half so the officials have little impact. Mindset - first goal’s almost an irrelevance, it’s the second and third we’re chasing.

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