How long can you see the Gaffer staying?


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Liverpool is his last managerial position, not his next one.

He will see out his 4 years with us and if we have regular CL participation by then he may do a few more years.

He wont manager anyone in England except Liverpool so will only leave us for a decent team in Italy, Germany or Spain until his coveted Liverpool job comes up.

We are the perfect fit for him cutting hos teeth (football daft city football demands plus crazy parochial media attention) with an easy route to Europe every year.

He will be in no rush to leave although a big league job with big budgets will need to be added to his CV before he gets a shot at Liverpool when you take into account Liverpool's current trajectory.

Lets relax and enjoy his time with us. He will see out his four years with us as an absolute minimum.


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Genuinely think as a man of honour that he will see out his contract though if Liverpool job came knocking he would go. He hasn’t made a secret of this so I would be fine with it.

I’m just going to enjoy every minute he is with us. It’s magic

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Who knows, if he doesnt win trophies then the decision may be out of his hands.
Personaly i think he will go down to england but not straight to Liverpool, no way they will risk their position with a rookie manager.

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If he wins the league and does well in Europe he would not need to go to a decent premier League to prove hinself, it's a lot harder for us to be successful in Europe than even a half decent premier side giving the finances they receive. He might even want to stay here a bit longer.
Not really mate. There’s a much bigger element of luck in Cup football. To base someone’s quality off of one of those is a gamble. Roberto Di Matteo is a champions league winning manager.


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The kind of man that he is, I can't see him leaving us without winning no matter who comes calling(Liverpool aside obviously) as a born winner, that wouldn't sit well with him!! Just my opinion of course. I also don't think he would manage any other EPL team!! He said himself he won't be one of them managers with loads of clubs on his CV and he gets us, what we are about, our history and traditions, we are a huge proud club and institution with a massive, passionate and devoted fan base (best on the planet!!) a proper football club, same as his Liverpool, can't see him giving that up for some mid table side with no realistic chance of ever winning the league or to some soulless money rich mob!!

I think he is a bit frustrated with certain things up here(who can blame him) but not enough that it would force him to go!! I think he will atleast see our his contract and with having CL football from next season onward he will want a good crack at it and hopefully he extends his stay, he has brought our Rangers back, 55 is gonna be the ultimate!!

In Stevie G we trust!!



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Hopefully he fulfills his 4 year contract and possibly stays for longer!
SG is the kind of guy who has a very clear vision of his career path. He's already said he doesn't see himself managing many teams. 2, or maybe 3 teams he says. It's obvious these teams are Rangers, Liverpool, and England.
So the answer to your question is our manager will be with us until Klopp leaves Liverpool, or the England job is offered to him.


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I'd love to see him here for the 4 years and beyond. I tend to think though that if he doesn't win the league this season then he'll be under incredible pressure and that the next (ie his 3rd) might be the last one, win or lose that season. Such is the bampottery of life at Rangers (or indeed at the scumhut).

I'm also still dubious about the assertion from a lot of people that he'll only leave us for Liverpool. He's an astute guy with time on his side. He could afford - for example - to take a gig in one of the European leagues for a couple of seasons just to learn and develop a bit further in a different environment, sort of rounding off his training a bit. Exceedingly few managers stay at clubs for very long terms these days. Suppose he even eventually has a 6 or 7 year stint at Anfield at some point, he's not even 40 yet just now. No point peaking too early when he could still have another chunk of time to make sure he's even better suited for his ultimate job.
I don't see stevie g leaving the UK.

He will see out his contract at Rangers.


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Gerrard will stay until the Liverpool job or England job come up. I honestly can’t see him leaving to go anywhere else. he won’t want to manage a team against Liverpool week in week out and he doesn’t strike me as a guy who will want to manage oversea.

here is a question for some of you. Has it surprised you how quickly Gerrard has fell under the Rangers spell? He lives the club and I’m not sure if he fully expected the size of the club and the passion of the fans to be just as great as it is. We will remind him a lot of Liverpool.

i fully expect Gerrard to see out his four years and depending on what happens if no bid comes in from Liverpool or England I expect him to stay on. One thing for sure, one of the biggest players of the modern era will always have a soft spot for rangers ongoing


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I don't agree, Liverpool is the only English team he will manage, a move anywhere else in England is too big a risk to his reputation
I'm sure he said he left England as he didn't want to play against Liverpool, I doubt he wants to be managing against them domestically, if that is how he felt as a player. I don't think it is a stretch to say he has a gentleman's agreement with Liverpool to gain the experience here over 4 years and 200+ games, win some silverware and compete in Europe. If he can do that with a Rangers side that was miles behind the scum when he took over and couldn't get passed the first Europa round, I'm not sure how avoiding relegation or finishing mid table in England with a club outside the top 6, is really going to look any better to a Liverpool board that are already well aware of him. It makes sense for a normal manager to go to England to try get noticed more by a big club, but Gerrard only needs to prove he has what it takes, he already has their attention.


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I’m beginning to wonder how far he can go as a manager, as a managerial novice he’s turned us around with a limited budget and players of a certain level. Where could he take a club like Liverpool with a few years more experience, no financial restrictions, and the freedom to sign literally any player in the world?