How many goals did Super Ally score against them and which was your favourite?


I’ve got 2 which I find hard to choose between, the 92 SC semi where we were down to 10 men and his final goal vs them in same competition at the same stage in 98.


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For me it was his last goal against them in 1998 in the Scottish Cup game played at the Maris piper arena.

Look how much it means to him and Gough. What a ball in by Albertz, his goal was immense also for the 2nd in that game. Great memories.
That’s new.
Still funny though.
I’d only argue that the Maris Piper is a premium potato.
By the way, the goal you mention was a brilliant bit of striker play by McCoist.
Real quality that any striker would’ve been proud of.
Reiper was a decent centre back who was made look a clown by McCoist’s movement.


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Should be 28 but for the goal at the piggery which was officially given to Ferguson.

2 of the goals he scored against them in Semi Finals were memorable, the 10 men game at Hampden and the first in Walters last season, the game at the Stydome.

My all time favourite is the winner at Parkhead, drawing Bonner out, putting him on his arse before rounding him and slotting home, running away to take the acclaim of 20,000 bears (myself included) behind the goal.
Watching it again the other night I think the ball has crossed the line before Ally headed it.

Johnny Yen

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Watching it again the other night I think the ball has crossed the line before Ally headed it.
I think it was definitely McCoist who got final touch, I mind at the time watching the highlights, I watched it over and over, one of the angles zoomed in and slowed down, showed the faintest of touches just on the line :cool:

Thasunke Witko

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I’m sure Souness was at the game. Not he was officially in charge by then
I know but the thread is about supers goals against the tarriers and the goal mentioned is one of my favourites if not my favourite but isn’t caught on camera