How many people thought as the game progressed 'I've seen this movie before'


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We have to be better so we are not exposed to losing just a single goal lead due to say, individual errors, bad refereeing or bad luck. This can happen and will happen in some ( not all) games where we don’t push to increase a single goal lead.


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I was fairly happy with the performance today but its clear that a few players are still rusty. One thing that niggled me was the lack of response in the 2nd half when the sheep were pressing us, we needed to show a bit of attitude and and shut them down better. First half I was thinking we looked more matured in terms of movement and shape but second half we slipped back into the old mindset of giving the opposition too much credit. There was some definate signs of lessons learned, but the potential to slip back into old ways is still there, albeit to a lesser degree. Overall we are making realistic progress and Im sure we will make another couple of good signings to strengthen us even more. A wee bit more patience is needed but Im thinking that this squad now knows whats required to get a result, we are defo improving.

Delboy Trotter

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Was just waiting on the inevitable set piece near the box and resulting goal

Thankfully the only chance they had came to nothing. However, the ball landed in McGregors 6 yard box. Ridiculous that a keeper of his quality stays rooted to his goal line


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Outside the tarriers those our hardest games of the season going up there I'll take what ever 3 points we can get up there regardless of how good or bad a performance we have.


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Outside the tarriers those our hardest games of the season going up there I'll take what ever 3 points we can get up there regardless of how good or bad a performance we have.
Totally agree , 3 points is all that matters at these types of places, we’ve played better in the past and dropped points


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After Balogun made the recovery tackle on what looked like their one dangerous counter all my nerves disappeared. After that I felt comfortable that they were not scoring.


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Exactly what I was saying after 60mins. Even down to lack of subs.

bad game but 3 points, trip to Pittodrie done and we move onto Leverkusen


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It’s when they start messing about, when ahead, and with around a quarter of the game to go - yesterday Goldson started dwelling on the ball, getting closed down in dangerous positions and then Tav lost possession twice instead of making simple forward passes, it’s not great on the nerves when only 1 goal up.


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If you listen to the usual folk on here any constructive criticism is seen as being negative.
It’s a mindless response really and removes all the nuances from the debate rendering it down to the binary reaction of 1) a win - we’re all happy, no one can complain, and 2) any other result - chaos, pandemonium, sack them all.

Gazza 8

I was genuinely comfortable throughout the 90 minutes.

All though we weren't as dominant second half, Aberdeen were creating nothing & weren't peppering our box with high balls like they usually do.

That's as comfortable as I've been watching us at Pittodrie for years.

We do need to start burying teams early though.


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I did, but that was more to do with scar tissue from last season. Honestly, I thought we were poor overall but really we were in no danger of losing the game or even dropping points.


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We saw the two Rangers today . First half high press high tempo Rangers. Second half ’sit off them Rangers ‘. Seems bloody obvious to me in which half we were more likely to piss away a goal. Luckily it didn’t happen. I suppose with little personnel changes this was always possible. Hope we strengthen and hope we learn from this. Delighted at the theee points but on another day.....
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Good points in this post here ^

More strength in depth means more options from the bench to ramp the tempo up again.
Still think we’re missing someone in the middle of the park who absolutely hates to lose and will drive others on to up their game when we start to drop off in performance and pressing levels.
Those players are hard to find and don’t come cheap though.

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Aberdeen went to the bully tactics looking for mistakes and weakness in our game and TBF it nearly worked but for good defensive play by the cb's. The bully tactics certainly rattled the midfield though.
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The problem yesterday for me was that we were not even creating a lot of chances second half.
You wonder from the players linked if the likes of Kerk and Roofe might go some way to rectifying that if they are indeed realistic targets.
Certainly that type of standard I’d hope.


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Their game plan like many others in this tin pot league is simply frustrate, ensure their is no fluidity to the game, try win 2-3 corners or free kicks in a dangerous area, score from one of them. This has worked too many times.


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Could hardly watch the last quarter of the second half through nerves but as someone said that’s more to do with the last two seasons than yesterday’s performance. Don’t think we were really looking like throwing the lead away looking back.