I feel sorry for the Standard goalkeeper - but just a little.


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You dont see many goals like that and I'm proud we done it. When reading the match thread at the goal, I though the chaps on here were slightly exaggerating a bit.

Once somebody put the goal up, it was a lot better than I thought and the fact so many round the globe are talking about it, makes it even better.

Sorry, back to the thread about the keeper. F**k him and his team


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Can any goalies out there answer, is letting in a goal from the other half the ultimate shame for a goalie?

Given the time of the game and the state of the pitch he is quite rightly pushed up the pitch as his team chase an equaliser.

It may make him look foolish but he is playing percentages and was in the right position.

He has been beaten by a goal of sheer quality made possible by the determination and vision of Roofe, not by his positioning.


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I feel for the guy going up the tunnel behind the goal. He's in the middle of leaving as the ball is travelling, see's it's going in and thinks 'feck it, I'm off'


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Will he even be remembered for anything else other than Roofes goal against him. Probably not.
Don't think it was that bad on the keepers end just well off his line .The David Seaman one was horrendous for him not that far out but just had a flap at it . Worst in history in my eyes .
Which brings me to borat at Windsor Park .Holy wasn't with the goalie that night :))


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I think he is well worth keeping an eye on bar the goal he looked a quite an impressive goalkeeper reminded me a lot of Stefan Kloss

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Can’t really blame him tbh - Liege were on the attack with only moments to go, all of their team were in our half, so I imagine he would have been standing outside his box, waiting to punt forward any long ball clearances lumped from our half. Always a risk, but to be honest they had nothing to lose at that point.


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Can any goalies out there answer, is letting in a goal from the other half the ultimate shame for a goalie?
Losing a goal from distance is a bummer. Ball is in the air for a long time and you should be able to adjust and reach it, depending upon your starting position obviously. For me the biggest embarrassment was stooping to collect a trundler and it goes through your hands then through your legs and into the net. A pure riddy o_O


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Feel sorry not. Never again will I feel sorry for any opposition. Lessons learnt from when they tried to kill us. Gers and Gers only.


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Cant blame him for the goal. He was standing where he should have been with ball that far up the pitch. Incredibly rare for a shot like that to go in. Perfect pace and trajectory and a goalkeeper diving backwards won't get very high.
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