I predict a riot

Dedé Arneaux

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Funny this raises it’s head during the week after we stuffed them and took the upper hand

Was thinking ahead to the critical new year period from a positive position of confidence after the game on Thursday. January has been tough the last two years. How strong are we, onfield, in the dugout, offield ... where do the worries lie? This is mine.

At best across all clubs, players will be in and out of isolation affecting performances and results, at worst games will be forfeited. How many over the next 3 months, how many before doubts arise the season can be completed?
Not looking for answers, I just don’t see Scottish football avoiding the issue.
I’d prefer it was concluded even if it means extending the timeline.


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I think this season they will look to play all fixtures - calling it and null and void will be completely off the table as I don't see them willing to take another financial hit from Sky and others plus the fallouts that follow.

The only thing that puts a spoke in their wheels to continue right through the summer is Euro 2020 which starts early June.

Anybody thinking they will even attempt to call the league THIS YEAR because the bheasts aren't top, seriously needs to go and have a long, lie down.
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I think a breath needs to be taken and some perspective needed.

There is little to suggest the season will be stopped. Clubs (mostly) want ro play games. The government has confirmed that even in a Tier 4 situation games will still go ahead.

Cases are slowly rising but it's still not like it was in March. There's no reason to stop. Yes games may be postponed and teams might get affected by players missing. These have to be treated as injuries and get on with it.

Of course things could go drastically wrong leading to an early end but I see no reason for it to happen just now.

20/21 teams are able to play this weekend.

Who do you think you are, coming on here with a measured, rational opinion ?


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I reckon the season will be completed at top tier level.

It is clear that we won't have any spectators in at all this season in Scotland - the sacrifice that makes sure the season continues.

There remains the possibilty of a club or two going under which might result in anullment of certain scorelines but other than that I think we'll be playing to a finish.


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Just keep winning games Rangers, it’s all we can do to make decisions a lot harder for them.

there’s a lot at stake with the UCL next year remember.
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