I want Steven Gerrard to remain our Manager.


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As do I, but he needs to get his thinking cap on and work out how to stop thuggish teams ripping the piss out of us, and he needs to do it quickly.

Setting high standards is exactly what we needed from the top and internally it sounds like he’s done that. But first and foremost he is the Manager and Head Coach of the club. That means he needs to realise how to engineer victories on a consistent basis.

He’s not managing Derby, or Hibs, or any piece of shit team that happily takes a draw and rolls into the next match. He manages Rangers. Winning is what matters.

Carson no1

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Deffo we bought in and we sick together

He was never going to win the league this year no way

However what he did do was

Got us excited withEurope and a few results and we all thought fuk it we can do this

But realistically was always going to be about next season 1000%

His team

So relax lads

Let the tarries laugh

But we will laugh louder when it happens

Think to when we beat them in January ffs

They were suicidal totally

Do we will laugh the loudest

We are behind the Stevie Gerrard express train

No Surrender

Earth Worm Jim

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I'd rather a competent manager than a 'high profile'

He needs to start showing he can manage, make competent subs, change formations based on the opposition, find a settled defence.

quite frankly his domestic form is an utter embarrassment

Its March and he clearly still doesn't know his best 11. It's an absolute joke

He has shown very little of anything to suggest he has the qualities to bring 55. Look at the killie hibs and Aberdeen results


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“He is the man for the job no question”

Based on what we’ve seen to date I have plenty of questions about his long term suitability for the position.

And to be honest I don’t give a toss if the manager of the club is an absolutely nobody if he puts a winning team out on the park.


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We’ve clearly improved from last season even though this season appears to be unraveling.

He’s earned another season. We simply cannot keep chopping and changing managers.

I still have faith that we’ve got the right man in charge.


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If we stick with him, we need to accept we are playing the long game.
This year was always gonna be a big ask. Next year we hopefully put up a better challenge but we can't greet if we fall short next year either. It's probably unrealistic to expect success next year. The season after next is more realistic in my eyes..

We also need to recognise we could all be backing the wrong horse here. It's very possible.


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I would worry about Gerrard if I thought he didn't see the problems. But he clearly does. Every post match interview is spot on in reading the way the game has gone. There is no doubt in my mind that we are a much better team than last season. The quality across the squad is higher. But we are undoubtedly missing at least a couple of key pieces. I was comforted that Gerrard said that in his interview on Friday. We clearly need at least a couple more of real quality - difference makers. Morelos is our only consistent difference maker at the moment. Kent has his moments. But we desperately need a couple more that can get us over the hump of dominating games against teams that park the bus but without us really breaking those teams down. If it was me I would be looking for one central midfield play maker of real quality and one wide man of real quality. But in some ways it doesn't really matter where a couple of difference makers come in so long as they are front 6 players. I think it was always the case that this was likely to be the way things would play out. Getting better year in year is the easy part. But it is that last 10% or so improvement that is the really difficult, and potentially expensive, bit.

We'll get there. We aren't far off. And it will be oh so sweet when it comes and especially so if Gerrard is the man who delivers. I think he will.


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I have to say, I am not filled with a great deal of confidence at the moment.
In the words of Johnny Nash, there are more questions than answers.


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A few months ago i would have said "yes" most definately... now I'm not so sure but doesnt help when we have hardly any class players in our side.Too many average players
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I’ve lost faith in him personally. Same shit every week.

If he proves me wrong between now and the end of the season I’ll hold my hands up and say I got it wrong but it’s Warburton all over again with more profile for me. Positive start, worked out now and can’t do anything about it.

2 wins out of 14 (14%) win ratio against Killie, Sheep and Hibs.

With most of those teams to play again and the Tims twice, I worry about how many points we’ll actually pick up between now and the end of the season.


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Some concerns about our manager. Not nearly enough to even contemplate his exit. Hopefully he learns from his first season among the hammer throwers.


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He's gets next season. If it's as bad as this season then he needs to go.

I've said it before but it's Gerrard or no one that's stopping ten in a row. We don't have time for another rebuild.

The DazzleGer

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Is he smart - very .
Has he balls - yes
Is he good with the media - yes
Tactics - much room for improvemt
Motivation - jurys out but its a bad time to judge
Recruitment - not all down to him but not great
Deserves time - without a doubt .lets have another look at the end of the year.
I wish him all the best

Jimmy the Gent

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There is absolutely nothing to convince me he can get it right, he isn’t learning as he goes along, quite the opposite in fact.

As it stands he is probably the 4th best manager in the league and that’s being kind.


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We all do mate, we all do.

I just hope he can start showing something about him. The amount of points we have dropped to sheep/killie/hibs is unreal.
Kilmarnock and Aberdeen have both taken points off the tramps He'd actually be fine if it wasn't for dropped points against the Dundee, Livi and the Motherwells.


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This is has to be one of the hardest jobs in football; perhaps the size of budget let's that fact go amiss at times, but in terms of demand and expectation it's up there with every other big club. He's a winner though, and given time he can get this right.


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He's digging himself a hole right now
Exactly we started well we’ve got worse then improved then blew everything at kilmarnock after the break and now he looks like a rabbit in the headlights. Now his interviews post match and press conferences sound like Warburton. He is NO Graeme Souness and never will be either as a manager or player. He’ll be gone by Christmas.


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Can see him axing half our team at the end of the season. Time for a few upgrades. Would like to see some youngsters getting some game time now.


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Can you expand a bit on that, please?
What is he doing/not doing?
I may or may not agree but I'm short of a scooby until I know the details.
He can't seem to motivate the team or find solutions to break down stubborn opposition.

If we continue to drop points

If we lose at the San Giro

If we finish the season flat we go into next season pretty flat

He will get another season to prove himself but he won't have much margin for error


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He can't seem to motivate the team or find solutions to break down stubborn opposition.

If we continue to drop points

If we lose at the San Giro

If we finish the season flat we go into next season pretty flat

He will get another season to prove himself but he won't have much margin for error
I don't think anyone can motivate this team for long, they got a lift from the introduction of Gerrard but time has passed and they're back in their comfort zone.
The manager has to look at this medium term. Examine what happened with his predecessors, see the patterns, identify the common factors and get rid, pronto.
Said on another thread, for me, beating them would only paper over the cracks unless we fix the fundamental long-standing amateur mentality problem. He has to be utterly ruthless, he wasn't today.

Danger Zone

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I don’t give a shit about his profile anymore though, I just want trophies and success.

I’d love for him to be the guy to deliver 55, more than anything. But there are serious concerns just now. People can bark back to Europe and the 29th December as much as they like, but the truth is the 29th of December is the last time we had anything to be optimistic about, and it was quickly shattered.
He is the man for the job no question, his standards are high and he gives us the biggest profile in this shitty little country.
He will sort this.

The man for the job no question?? There are plenty of questions.
In what way are his standards high? Are they any higher than Warburton or Pedro? I can't see it.
I doubt he will sort this.


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I also want him to stay and hope next year he is more clued up in regards to whats required, what opposition is like etc

Id also like to see him more animated (not just for the hell of it) but kicking every bottle as though he is playing

Also when we dont turn up - rip into them not say “they know”