Ian Blackford (SNP leader)


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It was broadcast on Sky News live. You can go on their Youtube live feed and scroll back the amount of time to take you to 12:15.


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Blackford walked into Hampden just in front on me before the Isreal game, was just kicking about in the regular riff raff section.


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Perhaps now isn’t the time but, if anything it’s the usual snide remarks. He can’t mention the English team Walter managed but can mention a team that he didn’t.


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Good to hear a lot of "Hear Hears" from the House as soon as Walter's name was mentioned.
There was a few, but perhaps not that many.
The shocking thing is that the Government are so fckn useless that they failed to take the lead in this matter leaving it for the SNP to fill the void.
With Unionism under fire in Scotland, it is disconcerting that HM Government lacked the insight to recognise that Walter's passing would mostly affect that very constituency that underpins much of the Union north of the border.
Was it beyond their imagination to take the initiative in this matter, considering that Walter was also a manager who served football in England as well?

To be honest, it probably doesn't matter in the immediacy, as we that care come to terms with the loss of such a prominent figure in our football lives, but it nonetheless serves as an indication of how slack-jawed and inept with detail this current shower in government are.


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Can we please leave the politics out of this thread and respect what has been said.
Exactly %^*& all politicians and more so snp ones.
Another snp assol who can't get facts right. Too used to lying to realise,probably
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Can we please leave the politics out of this thread and respect what has been said.
Sorry, but he deliberately didn't mention the English teams he managed, which would be Everton and Man Utd (if his assistants role at Dundee Utd is to be included). So as usual he's the one playing politics here and being disingenuous, and using the death of the great man to do so. Along with his pal last night calling him Gordon Smith. It's the usual 'honest mistakes' which we've become so acccustomed to over the years that everyone knows are actually deliberate acts of disrespect, so as to amuse themselves and signal their fellow cult rats so they know that they're only praising us under duress or because they have to because it's their job. And the message is loud and clear for anyone wishing to listen; 'don't abuse me because I hate them as much as you'.

So perhaps you'll forgive me for not applauding and fawning all over the fat reptile for being the absolute snake he is, even if he is 'paying tribute' in his own snidey way to one of our own.


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It doesn’t matter that he missed Everton or got the order wrong, or that he’s an SNP scum bastard… He paid tribute to a titan. Fair play.