Ibrox Champions League roundel (star ball) holder


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Anyone done this before?

Just been emailed from MyGers for my kid to hold the CL starball thing on the pitch before the match.

Guessing he’ll then miss KO with a mad dash to our seats in the Copland stand
If he doesn't want to I'll do it :)) I'm 34 but told I look younger.
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My wee sister did it for the three games during the 03/04 season. She said it amazing and deafening.


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My sister got to do it when she was about 16 when I worked for one of the CL official sponsors companies, vs Valencia. Got a free ticket for both of us in the East Enclosure, prime seats to watch Claudio Lopez and Mendieta rip us apart, still one of the best opposition teams I've seen at Ibrox.


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This is a night every bear has been waiting on, that music, the big ball on the centre circle and the Ibrox roar when the music dies down! What dreams are made of, good luck to your boy and to @Ready72.