If the sheep win at the weekend is the league back on?


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If the sheep and mcinnes didn't shit the bed everytime they play the scum then maybe however they will ship about 4 or 5 easy. Another club conning their support.


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If the team fight to the end fair enough,if they fail tomorrow SG will have a fight on his hands


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Absolutely 2-1 to the don's and Kelly Brook is shouting on me she's got a new outfit from agent provocateur might not be our her long


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I've not read the thread at all but I'm guessing most replies centre around the hilarity of Aberdeen taking points off Celtic.

Absolutely no chance those rancid sheep molesting scumbags will do anything.


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i doubt sheep will win but couldn't resist the 18/1 win/btts odds, hoping for 2/1 sheep win bu realistically gonna be 4 or 5 nil for that lot


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Let's just focus on us putting in a decent performance and then have some hope it will happen on Sunday.
The way our luck is going extremely unlikely we will close the gap this weekend.


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I’ve changed my mind again. If we win today it’s back on. We can’t be throwing the towel in this early.
we need to win convincingly to keep the pressure on no matter what.
We know what's happened in the past and what happens when we’ve applied the pressure, but I still can’t see them dropping points here.

would love to be proven wrong.


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Probably not, but I am more concerned about winning today than there result, theres every chance ours will be a closer game.


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Not the way the scum are playing. They are in good form.
Aberdeen before Tuesday hadn't scored in 5 games and never seen to raise their game the way they do when they play us.
Anything other than a comfortable scum victory and I'll be surprised, but delighted.


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I'm a big believer in the law of averages. The Sheep are due a result against them. The predicted weather forecast should in theory suit a Sheep Team that are more akin to a Rugby League Team than a free flowing football side.

We need to do our job first today though and get the 3 points.

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