If the sheep win at the weekend is the league back on?


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Aberdeen only manage to raise their game against us
Sadly it seems as if we can only taise
It against the tarriers
Aberdeen will get humped as per usual


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The sheep are bottle merchants against the scum. Not a hope in hell they'll do anything on Sunday. They only care about taking points off us.


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More chance of me banging Liz Hurley and Scarlett Johansson in a three some this weekend op

Scott M

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Even accounting for their recent track record against the Tims, Aberdeen's form lately has been howling. OK, they beat a poor Hamilton side midweek, but a decent attacking team will tear them to shreds. Sadly, Celtc will be good enough to put 3 or 4 past the Dons.


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Put it this way the bookies reckon there's more likelihood right now of is winning the league than the sheep winning at home on Sunday!


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If, miracles of miracles, they did, and assuming we win, then yes, we’re back in it, albeit tenuously.

Even if they don’t, were we to win our game in hand then beat the Yahoos at Ibrox the gap is suddenly down to just four points again so, as much as they’re the clear favourites, we’re not completely out of it yet, but we need an instant improvement starting tomorrow.


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genuine question what has been the greatest amount of points we have been behind and went on to win the league?

in my heart i feel fate will have it that Rangers & liverpool will win the league in the same season, i HOPE they penny will now drop with our players and we go on a proper run of games (like 10) winning them all. beat st johnstone in the game in hand, beat celtic at Ibrox and it is game on.


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No. The sheep won’t take anything off them anyway and even if they did we are still relying on 2 things which won’t happen:
1) They would still need to drop points in 2 games AND
2) We’d need to NOT drop any more points

We have been woeful for some time. We were getting some results pre-break but they were still a struggle. Our star striker has scored a grand total of 5 goals since the start of November. No-one else is filling that gap.

Accept that the league is over, you’ll find it much easier.
%^*& me


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Hahahahaha,if pigs could fly,they will do the usual lie down with their ars€s in the air.
I would love to be wrong,but I cant see them changing their habits remember they owe the Tim’s for lying down at porkheed to let them finish second ahead of us.


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So yes, IF the sheep win and we win, the race is back on imo. But, the only time the Tim's laid down to the sheep was when it meant we'd finish 3rd in the league...


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I gave you a like for that, Mate,
but more out of pity than anything else.
But you never know, hope dies last, so, let's hope. :)


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The same sheet who were 4 nil down to them at half time the last they played at home?

Even if they did win theres no chance unfortunately that we have the balls to tighten the gap now.


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If Aberdeen win then it gives us a chance, however, having looked back at previous results they've lost their last 9 home games to Celtic and only scored in 2 games - hopefully it changes on Sunday.


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Sorry I’m just trying not to laugh at the concept of the sheep taking 3 points off them
3 points? I'd struggle to even see them take 1 point. If they aren't spanked 3/4 nil then I'll be amazed and none of their fans will be upset in the slightest.


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I would put money on my local team Peebles Rovers winning the champions league within the next 5 years before backing the sheep to beat the scum.

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