Interview with Neil McCann


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McCann was one of my favourite players during that era. Not bad considering all the quality players we had during that time. Surprised we sold him when we did. Good insightful interview.


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My abiding memory of Neil is his first touch in the game. If he miscontrolled he would be anonymous. If his first touch was good he invariably beat his marker, we had a match winner that day. Weighing his time with us up, he was a very, very good player for us.


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Great upper body strength for a wee guy .Sure it was said somewhere that he was one of the strongest players in the squad .


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Another day the fhilth in the cesspit lost the plot brought the game into disrepute and the media and authorities let them away with it and dragged the Rangers team into it.
The moment 3pm KO's against them ceased.

I don't care as I'll take us slaughtering them any time of day NS


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The only pundit worth listening to ,always honest and doesn't tow the party line with regard to coverage of us if he's critical of the team they deserve it .
Other ex Rangers players from staunch families should take a lesson from him .
Would love him to have a job in our structure , him and Kevin would be a good team


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The pride he has scoring 2 in the Shame Game is very apparent.
Great player for us and will always be fondly remembered.