inverness CT appoint Neil McCann as temp manager


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I know people are taking the piss, but he’s a freelance contractor.

He doesn’t work for RTV. :D

We pay him a day rate every second week.


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As a northerner, albeit, county fan, I wish him all the best. A common phrase, but really one of footballs good guys. Knows the game, articulate and a true bear.

good luck


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A classy Neil goes into a job as a horrible Neil/Neic leaves one (to hopefully never be seen again)


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All the very best Neil McCann

I’m pretty sure there will be an aspect of helping an old friend in John Robertson thats part of this.

One of the people.


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Good luck wee man a great pundit and when he goes back into full time management if he gives Stevie a call I’m sure he would trust him with some of our best youngsters there seems to be a genuine respect between the two.


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Hope it goes well for Neil, he had the right ideas at Dundee just didnt have the players to make it work. All the best


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He will definitely be missed on RTV, his analysis and input is second to none.

All the best of luck Neil.

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Great news for Inverness fans - not many of them to be fair !
Best wishes however to Neil McCann , great player , great commentator/pundit , gentleman !
Sure he’ll be welcome back to Ibrox anytime !


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Sky have current managers on duty handing out their thoughts, so if ICT aren't playing when we are i am sure there will be a space found for Neil to pop back in for a game or two.

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He should be available for the Livi & Celtc games on RTV, as ICT don't have games those days, but he will miss the St Mirren game. Post split, as long as we stay in the Europa, he will be available for Sunday games.


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That club have went way up in my estimation with their handling of JR, making that appointment is a great move and wish all the best of luck


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Hope it works out for him. I’ll miss him as a pundit, hopefully he’ll still be able to do some of that work as well.