Investigate - everything!


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Utterly deranged that lot should be more concerned with the moron who thought it was a good idea to spend £12,000,000 on Barkas, Duffy, Soro and Kilmala.

As for their uppity attitude maybe have a look first at all the children your club let be abused for decades then come on and lecture others.


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Yeah we've been hiding positive tests and bribed the FAs of all our player's national teams to keep quiet about it. That's actually what the investment we've had recently is for.


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Poor soul , delusion has overtaken him . These guys have a want about them and should be treated with caution. As for the penalties ...WOW


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The inbreeding is evident with that particular ‘carrot’.
They are the weirdest people on the planet bar none.


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Steven Gerrard signing Chinese publicity deal

‘Fake’ bids for Alfredo Morelos from Wuhan bumping price up.

Multiple China HK based investors

The clubs involvement in new Far East media deals.

Fully expecting new stadium wifi to be Huawei complete with WeChat portal

You know what it all means Timmy
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Do they not know the masons gave all our players and staff the secret remedy?
Well we (Freemasons) were at the fore front of science in this country. Just after 1660, when The Royal Society was setup. So it makes perfect sense that the Royal family and by natural extension the Queen's 11 should be looked after.


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The answer for you is what the rest of the world knows is , we are the people. Simple as that.


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Every time I go sneaking into Kerryfail St, one thing amazes me - they genuinely think they’re the good guys. Their club facilitated then covered up child abuse on a vast scale, then refused to so much as apologise to the victims. They celebrate murdering terrorists and loathe war heroes. They call us bigots while belonging to a religious cult that craves separatism from those they hate, from the age of 5. These are the good guys? Scum more like.


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It's quite ironic that they have always spoke about Masonic conspiracies, when it's actually at the Piggery you get the 'paddle of the swollen ass' initiation.


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‘I see the bad moon rising
I see trouble on the way’

Feckin moon howlin throbber.


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That's us busted. Was good while it lasted.

Should expect a letter from Claire and 6 points awarded to Celtic.


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A bit of research would show them that carrots are good for the immune system and help prevent infections alongside providing many other health benefits. Result? No positive tests.

While we have always known we have been more healthy than they mutants it looks like they may have finally inadvertently realised it :)
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