Is Balogun now our 2nd choice centre back?

Galstonian Blue

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I know there will be squad rotation but it looks like Balogun is becoming the go to man to partner Goldson.

Helander is a good defender with experience and great reading of the game. However, Balogun is playing well and has the jersey at the moment. He offers more pace and extra height than Helander.

For me, he has to stay in the team for now.


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Had a few shaky moments today but overall another solid performance.

I don't think we necessarily have one 2nd choice centre back, I think both Helander and Balogun are our second choice centre backs.


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I think he was preferred today because we knew we would be playing a high line and his pace would be useful.

helander will play against benfica and if we were playing the tarrier tomorrow he would partner goldson.


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I expect Helander to play on Thursday, Gerrard seems to often change Goldson's partner in European games from who started the previous weekend.

To be honest, I thought Balogun was quite slack today and could have cost us a goal a couple of times.


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Horses for courses, if we need someone quick on recovery and good for pace, he fits the bill. If we need someone better at reading more intricate attacks, Helander.


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I'm not sure how some one can draw the conclusion that Balogun is now ahead of Helander, just on the basis of playing 2 games in a row.

Balogun had a couple of ropey moments today but also some decent defending today.

Jimmy Jazz

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My only small complaint today would be Balogun looking a tad sloppy. Still it's far from a regular occurrence and it didn't cost us.

Goldson and Helander still our best pairing for me.


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Goldson/Helander is clearly our first choice partnership.

Might be changes for certain games, such as today, but those 2 will play the big games.


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Helander can struggle playing against a big physical target man. Think he’s still the 2nd CB by quite a distance.


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It's really difficult to pick between Balogun, Helander and Katic.

My preference would be Helander but it's such a good position to be in.

It doesn't matter who the gaffer selects because you know you're going to get a performance regardless.


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Horses for courses.

Games where we'll be higher up the pitch, it makes sense to have Balogun for his pace.
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