Is it time to start taking Kilmarnock seriously?


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Killie deserve praise & Clarke has done an astonishing job all things considered, but finish above Celtic & we will win the league!


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No way, their players arent highly paid enough to win the league. How are 3 grand a week players supposed to win a league with teams who have much higher paid players. Dream on Killie.


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Seeing as we keep shitting the bed (even with a bigger squad) i'd say they've as much chance as us.

Rev George Walker

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On Sunday we went top and despite games in hand you'd have thought we'd have won it.

Kilmarnock are currently top and as we have known over the years points on the board are much much much better than games in hand.

Looking at their form since Clarke took over they are certainly not a diddy mob. (think they are only 3 points behind Celtic in a time scale table? Read that somewhere or something to that effect) They have a young squad with a good amount of experience in there too (more championships than us?)

They play Celtic away this weekend and coming away with a point or 3 would really show they are in this race. Never really considered them as contenders yet this season as they have seemed to have just plodded along and I assumed their purple patch from the end of last year was over.
No Celtic will steam roll them 2 or 3 nil


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I take their manager seriously, he’s well above Killie’s level.

Their squad still isn’t good enough though.


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Absolutely it is. Personally I don't think they could be champs but I'm taking them serious enough as a team that could help wreck our chances of first or second spot.
I'm sure a lot on here not taking them seriously were saying we'd pump Aberdeen last night


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I honestly believe that if Rangers and Celtic didn't have European football then we'd both be clear at the top of the league right now.


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They play to a system, and don't wander away from that, and it makes them difficult to beat. However, it's a long season and they have a limited pool of players. They will be in the top six, but I think winning the title is not on the agenda.

At the same time, we are chopping and changing our systems and formats. Once we get settled we will forge ahead.


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There's not a hope in hell they will win the league. I'm sure even the most die hard killie fan would admit that.

They're having a fantastic season though.


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If they remain as consistent as they have been since January then they will finish at least 3rd imo.


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In the sense that they are a solid team capable of taking points from just about anyone in the division on their day? I already do.

In the sense that they are genuine challengers for the title? No.

Big D

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No, but I do think odds of 12/1 for them to beat that lot at the weekend is generous.


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Kilmarnock's recent record against the Yahoos is better than ours - at least they can actually beat them and don't shite the bed like us.

Kilmarnock's record over the last 12 months in the league is better than ours.

But, aye, Kilmarnock are pish and have no chance. Some great insights again.

Sam English

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Stevie Clarke has done brilliant at Kilmarnock. If they come away from the Piggery with 3 points on Saturday, they should not be ruled out.


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Some posters on this thread looked as if they want Killie to beaten on Saturday imo
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Fûcking hell, Marie Osmond is a Killie ‘fan.’

SSN just showed her tweeting about them being top and then showed a clip from 5 years ago, singing Paper Roses at a Killie fans do. The audience looked like something from The Hills Have Eyes.