Is it time to start taking Kilmarnock seriously?


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The problem we have is every team we play puts everything into trying to beat us. I don't see the same effort from the likes of aberdoom, the spoonburners etc against sweep sweep fc
I think this may be a reason for the proliferation of cards in our games.
The opposition are totally fired up for our games, they fly into tackles as if it was the biggest game of their lives, the crowd react and the pressure on referees is amplified.
This combined with outside influences from the press that will always put a certain slant on mistakes that favour Rangers means that officials are wary of getting it wrong if our players transgress whilst being lenient with the opposition carries no recriminations.

An example of the last point was in Spier's column today.
He cites the tackle by Cosgrove that led to the Aberdeen player being dismissed and states that it was an error where the actual foul was committed by Goldson.
He then goes onto question a goal that denied to Celtc against Motherwell.
On any given weekend he could have perhaps reversed the beneficiaries of possible errors, gawd knows how often Rangers have been on the end of such errors this season already, but it isn't something he would choose to do.
He has an agenda and it is a telling one.

People on here can deny this to themselves but the evidence is becoming compelling.


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Bullshit, they haven’t lost to the tarriers in the last 4 games they have already drawn at Ibrox this season they may not win the league but to dismiss them so blithely is absurd. Their form over the last 38 games makes it stupid to dismiss them.
Title firm today from Kilmarnock I see

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St Brenda said before the game that Killie were genuine challenges, says a lot for his judgment LOL

I presume the sheep aren’t second best team now either
TTS said that so that when they inevitably horsed Killie he’ll look like a tactical mastermind. In his mind it’s all about Brenda.

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I’ve said all along (although I hope I’m wrong) there will only be one winner this season. The gulf in cash means Celtic can go out and spend 6-10m on players in January that we can’t. The rest of the teams have upped their game this season and we are in for a fight for second although I expect us to finish comfortably second. We have been putting foundations in place for future seasons and I think next season is a huge huge chance for us to win the league. We’re bringing in young players and developing them - what we should have been doing years ago. With a year playing behind them, the likes of Goldson, Katie, Barasic, Grezda etc can all be huge players for us. If we can sort out our indiscipline and bring in a number 10 there’s no reason we can’t win next season. I said at the start of the year, comfortably second, extended runs in the cups and getting into the europa league group stages would do me and I still stand by that.
Heard this a few times, yes, they may have the cash.

But who would go to them in January.

They seem to have a settled team, so no player would walk into their starting 11.

What player of worth would be attracted to go there in January?