"Is that a taser in your manbag, or are you just pleased to see me?'

Lance Uppercut

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I’ve seen folk get five years just for possessing one, this arsehole has procured one, taken it to a football match (albeit no travelling fans allowed) and appeared to have used it, I bet this hard man will be currently shitting himself and frantically googling “how to destroy evidence”.
He should be. They're illegal under the firearms act.


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Come on now. That's not a tazer. It's clearly a rectal phermonantor. The guy in the red is clearly to hot. Hence why the rectal phermonantor guys pal is trying to remove the guys red jacket. Can't be 2 safe with covid and that.

Outstanding citizen's.


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What’s the actual background to this? Was there a lot of trouble before the Hearts match? I’ve not seen a peep about this in the news.


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Look forward to seeing the work of the dedicated police unit assembled to track all those involved and the dawn raids to arrest them.
Does anyone know when the Scottish Parliament is going to discuss this rammy. Will be Interesting to hear Nikla, Humza, and Dornan’s views on this.


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Stacey Mullen can’t help but slip in the caveat that a man was arrested at Ibrox.
It’s the reporting of it dumbed down by saying a ‘rammy’. The boot would’ve seen the pics in this thread and you can bet if this was Rangers fans, it would be front centre and back page highlighting brutality and the use of a taser.

The use of a taser would be linked with ‘can cause death etc’ and the biggest hunt from polis Alba and every SNP condemning it incessantly across social media and in the toy town parliament.

Mullen is another unprofessional rat, shameful reporting.

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