Is there secure parking for bicycles at Ibrox?


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There’s metal barriers between pedestrian and car parking areas behind SJ Govan and Copland Stands. I believe there are stewards around outside of stadium during game. Chain bike to barrier and I reckon it will be OK.

rangers for life

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Bike racks at Asda ,just next to main door and at bank area ,your own bike lock will be fine.Bite to eat either in Asda then short walk to game.

Closest to the Stadium has been mentioned at back of Copland Stand ,have chained my bike there on away games to watch it in Louden and was always fearful of no bike when going back.

The Redcoat

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Years ago I cycled to Ibrox on a next bike and it was a nightmare trying to get through crowds of people, pretty quickly had to dismount and push the bike through the crowds.
Cycled a few times - I would lock my bike up beside the players cars - on the basis that their were stewards permanently based there
Some of the car parks will let you chain your bike up for a coupe of quid - I have chained my bike up at the old swallow hotel always been fine

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Just thinking about how to get to Ibrox once I get a ticket through the ballot. Is there secure bike storage at Ibrox?
I reckon the subway will be chaos, the parking situation around Ibrox is a nightmare and I’d quite fancy cycling there and home.
no problem just ask them to park it in the trophy room wi the other one.


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Just ask the big fella at the louden to put your bike in safe keeping. Get pished and make sure you get a cab home.


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I was at an Augsburg game a few years ago and there were thousands of fans arriving by bike and they have their own bike park right next to the ground.
Anytime I’ve been to a Feyenoord game there has been easily 10k+ cyclists going to and from the game. Great to see, and makes so much sense.


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Scotland is full off we can't do instead of we can do. No wonder the nationalists get a free reign


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Feel for the folk sitting around you having to whiff your body odour for 90 minutes
And the traffic chaos he will cause by trundling along the streets at speeds of a quarter of a mile per hour. Half of us will miss the first half thanks to him. Then the smell will hit us as you say.

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