Is this team better than Walters UEFA final team?

Is this team better than the UEFA final team?

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Question in Poll is the Zenit team. No Greegs, No Cousin, 4-5-1?

Zenit were even missing their main striker.

Edit: just googled it, no Naismith or Hutton either of course.

So even being flippant about it the vast majority of a side who had held Fiorentina over 180 minutes, that team, that group, regardless of the collective you put on the pitch were rarely battered.

Zenit were missing their main striker, mate Zenit won the UEFA Cup we literally played them in the Final, that is the game you are using to contextualize the quality of the side we had then, a European Final.


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Ferguson's last great hurrah was 2007-08 where he was absolutely sublime in some games.

Stuttgart at home and the 3-0 battering of Celtic for example.

The surgery at the end of that season hampered him. He looked noticably slower and less mobile in 08/09 and there's a case to be made that had Walter not dropped him, we wouldn't have won the title. We looked consideraby better and more dynamic with him out the team.


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In terms of trophies won the side Walter built was obviously the more successful, but . . . it never went through a league campaign undefeated, or broke the 100 points barrier, or conceded a record fewest number of goals.

I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet what a unique achievement Gerrard and this group of players recorded last season.

It will go down for posterity as one of the greatest league title wins in the history of Scottish football.

I also feel the football this team plays is much more pleasing on the eye than Walter’s, but if they were to go toe to toe there probably wouldn’t be much in it.


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I do agree with the standards set by the side of last season and this isn't to take away from what we achieved last year but to talk up what Walters team did achieve, in that you don't have to go undefeated to be a great side.

Celtic under Strachan for instance, were actually quite underrated as a side solely because he was in charge and an incredibly dislikeable prick, in 07/08 for instance he took them to the last 16 of the CL, they were a side far removed from the mess Lennon left last season, they were a CL group stage side in 08/09. It did take work to overthrow them without going unbeaten.

Smiths teams quite often balanced and paced their seasons to account for the strains of Cups and European schedules with an ever thinning squad, did we on occasion sacrifice going undefeated to win a Cup, who knows.


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Yes better than 2008 team but not the 92/93 team
The team in 92/93 were undone by the three foreigner rule at the time.
This limited the use of the squad, which surely gave an advantage to teams from countries with bigger populations?
This was a bizarre rule and it arrived at the exact time when Rangers were able to attract players from around the UK and Europe.
By this period it was clear that a team consisting of mainly Scots could no longer win the big European prize.
That said, that season's team was as good a side that Rangers ever entered into European competition.

This current squad are very good and Gerrard is perhaps the most competent manager at this level we have ever had.


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The current squad has overall the more talented players however if the two played each other in a European style tie it really could go either way