It means nothing at the moment.


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staying focused and a game at a time is the correct mentality and it's exactly what we expect the gaffer and players to be saying and doing each week.
Have to say I'm enjoying the way it's going so far,and trying not to get to far ahead of myself at the moment.
There's a long way to go,but I have a good feeling about this season.


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As impressive as we are looking right now, there’s still a long way to go.

How will we cope after Xmas when tiredness begins to creep into certain players games, others pick up injuries and suspensions and others still see their form dip.

Do we have the strength in depth to deal with that this season?

It certainly looks and indeed feels better this time around, but we should still be wary of the lessons of the past couple of years.


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Totally correct from the players and management team. They need to remain focused and treat each game as it comes. Win the next game, analyse it, put it behind us and move onto the next one again.

We, the fans, are however permitted to enjoy the ride.

We are allowed to cheer when the first goal goes in, to start getting excited at the second and at the third to relax, think "this games done", and enjoy the rest of the game - we don't need to wait until approaching the 90 minute mark to rejoice in our performance for fear it may come back and bite us on the butt.

Although perhaps thats why Ibrox is so quiet at times even when we are winning :D

Yes teams have lost commanding leads before both in individual games and in championships. It happens and if you get overly excited when you are in front then, yes, you can end up looking a bit foolish but it's all part of the highs and lows of the game.

We should enjoy each victory and celebrate it for what it is. Each victory is another step on the road to 55 and should be celebrated as such and, when we clinch 55, then we have the mother of all celebrations.

In the meantime - enjoy the ride :)

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Long may it continue. This is the right attitude to have and the right way to approach it. No talk about potential champions, no talk about OF games looking. Always put absolute focus on the next game and keep doing it that way.

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Keep the winning run going, beat the Peasants at Ibrox, and only then will I start to dream of the title coming home.


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As if the manager and players would say anything else, even if we needed one win to win the league.

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Think they gaffer got a wake up call after the victory at their midden last season. His celebrations were a release but they came back to bite him. He’s learned from it.


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Play it down keep telling them their still favourites , keep TLB then sit back and when it happens it will be like the win like no other.

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The best football team we’ve had in what, 20 years? Comfortable in Europe, dominant and consistent at home. We as a support should be excited but it really is one game at a time. 3 points and then another and then another. We have the best team but that doesn’t necessarily translate into trophies. I am really bloody confident but will never say that to anyone other than fellow bears, not yet. One step at a time but you feel we will be top of the pile again. It didn’t look like we’d have these days again not so long ago so enjoy the ride.


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More than happy with the way things are progressing, but it will mean nothing if we let things slip. That said, definitely looking forward to the 2nd half of the season, for a change. WATP.


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The players all seem to realise this is the time, I cannot see how we would capitulate, septic might improve but we will carry on strong and although there may be bumps in the road we are on course for 95 plus points


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Jeezo mate, I'm bringing my chips over so you can pish all over them!
We know not to get carried away,we remember the last couple years alright.
That's tomorrow's message though,today we enjoy whipping the sheep.

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We can enjoy the moment, our team are playing some lovely stuff, long may it continue but the last 2 seasons have taught us not to get to far ahead of ourselves, the time for congratulations is when we have gotten over the winning line, but this feels different the squad has far greater strength in depth and the manager is not the type to let standards drop.


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I wish people would stop telling fans “one game at a time” that’s for the manager and players. We can discuss what we want and it’ll make no difference. If you don’t want to say something incase some tarrier gets a giggle if we don’t do it then don’t say anything. They’ve been banging on about 9/10 since they were on 2 ffs.


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It's just not true that it means nothing.

But we're a long way from the "everything" that we demand.

It means:
We remain top of the league.
We extend our lead at the top of the league.
There is more pressure on the tarriers. They have no room to slip up.
Another league win, another clean sheet. Another horsing of the opposition. It means teams come to Ibrox knowing they are very likely to lose.
It means we can lose 4 more points than them for the rest of the season and still win the league.

It means many, many things.

It doesnt mean the main thing yet. But it certianly strengthens our position enormously.


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I wish people would stop telling fans “one game at a time” that’s for the manager and players. We can discuss what we want and it’ll make no difference. If you don’t want to say something incase some tarrier gets a giggle if we don’t do it then don’t say anything. They’ve been banging on about 9/10 since they were on 2 ffs.
Arrogant attitudes filter through though.

Look at the position they are in thinking this season was a certainty. 5 points is nothing if we don’t keep at it.


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The difference (forget games in hand) is all down to one game. Let's just keep beating them.

We got first blood. I think we can win all of three remaining games against them. Have we ever did that (4 wins) in a four game season versus them? Obviously the January window has the potential to change things but our work there looks better lately.
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