Item coming on STV News at 6 about Fernando

It Is Old But Beautiful

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Heartbreaking and difficult to watch. He’s fought it for years and looks like he has very little time left. No Surrender. I hope his final event is one to remember.


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That was very difficult to watch but what a very brave man Fernando is. A horrible disease MND like many others sadly.


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I cried watching that and I'm not ashamed to say so, I hope the time you have left is enjoyed with the support and warmth of your family and I'm sure football supporters around the world God bless you.


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Really difficult to watch that,absolutely heartbreaking and we really take so much for granted and have a cheek to complain. God bless,Fernando and also his family, devastating.


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What a hero, fighting against the odds whilst there is a just the tiniest, tiniest glimmer of hope. Even realising that his battle might only help those who follow in his footsteps.

A martyr and a hero.

Anyone who has a problem that can be ultimately be resolved or overcome, even in the long run after much pain and anguish, should take inspiration from this man and refuse to take the easy way out. Life is precious, and no-one gets a second chance.

God Bless him. If there is a God, surely, he sends people like Fernando to teach us a simple, yet important lesson.


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Never posted this on here but my old mans currently 10 months since diagnosis of ALS MND. Tbh, since then I've been unable to watch or read any of the articles about Fernando. Too close to home sadly. When you know what's going to happen last thing you need is the preview :(

You always think these things happen to other people then it effects you.