I've curated the WATP Sessions thread for now

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I’m afraid I’m calling a halt to the WATP Sessions thread for now until some issues are ironed out.

Sadly, whenever something new is floated there is a section of our support which is unremittingly negative, suspicious and determined to do things down.

Therefore, whenever a project is floated on FF I have a chat to the originator and warn them what is ahead from the knockers and advise that if it’s for charitable purposes they have a committee and some means of accountability that might be light of touch but will satisfy normal people.

If it’s a commercial venture then I normally ask for prizes for our users or that they donate to a couple of good causes for auction or raffle.

In both cases I normally help by sticking up a thread, running competitions, sending out promo emails etc.

I had a long chat with the originator explaining all this to him on 9th May - I’ve known him for near on 20 years now through his involvement with the Blue Order and associated projects and found him to be a thoroughly decent and genuine guy. He intended all profits to go to Erskine. That made it all the more disappointing not to be kept up to date with even the broad outline of the project.

Similar concerns to mine mean the RSEA took a step away last week.

The abuse online has gotten out of hand now and there is an almost toxic feel-bad factor around the event. I think there needs to be a bit of drawing of breath and a few changes made.

For the record - although I am a Unionist - I have lived, worked and even stood for election in Northern Ireland for example - I don’t think the Rangers Family should exclude anyone on their voting preference. Around 40% of our fellow citizens choose to vote SNP and whether you or I like it a lot of them are genuine Rangers fans. That only becomes an issue for me if an event is explicitly anti-Union.

Some of you will know from my involvement in the fans movement around the time of the original banning of the Billy Boys that I’m 100% in favour of traditional Orange tunes and songs so long as there are no add-ons or swearing which only demeans our club and our culture. I’m very much in favour of the things the originator has done in the past with regard to this.

It deserves to succeed, but we need a little more clarity.

I will update as and when I can.
Not open for further replies.