Jaap Stam - Rangers kick you in half


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What a pathetic comment, there were no bad fouls during the game and they gave as good as they got and had plenty of yellow cards

Expected better from Stam


A mate of mine.....
I didn't actually think there was that many fouls, certainly not 'kicking in half'.

Rich coming from Stam as well, who was a dirty bastard! :D


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someone said it first but, compared to what we put up with against Motherwell Aberdeen, they got off lightly. every good team has steel and grit in it. didn't see any real dirty tackles going in.


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Knowing how he played i'm guessing this is just a poor translation and he's saying we were tougher than them and they couldn't react


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Did anyone read the article? His quoted words reflect as a failing on their side to keep up with us rather than a snipe at us for playing aggressively.


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I quite like that an opposition manager comes away from Ibrox moaning that it was too tough for his team.

He’s more than a bit cheeky given some of the snide tackles and kicks dishes out from his team last night though.

Eddie Doc

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Never kicked anything in half but I'm glad he thinks we did. Look at the size of his players. Pussies.


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For such a no nonsense centre back his teams arent half soft.

See his spell at Reading where he was sacked in the end, decent first campaign then wheels well and truely off. Every game Reading played they were well over 60% possesion with very little to show for it.

yosser hughes

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shut the f@ck up ya big girls blouse, your team got ripped apart in large spells ,and your players simply were not capable of stopping us ,


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We have been lightweight, bottlers and whatever else for a few seasons now. I am glad we show grit and determination and legitimate fight.

He would hate playing against hammer throwing teams we face.


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Their keeper has a bad case of sour grapes as well. Spouting some shite about them being our lord and master in the second half.
Legia fans felt the same mate. Long may they think they're lord and master. We'll concentrate on eliminating them and gathering the points.


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they could've seen a lot more yellows
and their no 20 was on a shaky peg for getting a second one


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Huh. If he's saying it as a compliment that we were willing to give everything, fair enough.

If he's saying we're a dirty team he's a bitter baldy helmet


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I don't find it that bitter in all honesty, it is pretty fair and decent coaching reflection.
I agree. I wouldn't say he comes across as especially negative about it, just saying his team need to be prepared to cope with a more physical game to play at that level.

More of a journalistic spin as you'd expect.