Jack Ross hits out at 'Disgusting" abuse of Porteous

The Redcoat

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Porteous is infamous for his repeated dangerous tackles on Rangers players, he does then every game against us, it is not a new occurrence.

Social media is full of hibs and celtic fans praising Porteous for his dangerous tackles against us, he probably does them because he is egged on by fans.

Simply a Bear

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Porteous could be a very decent player if he stopped trying to act hard and play like a thug, just to appease the knuckleheads. When are Scottish players going to realise that you need more than just physicality to be a good defender. As for Ross, the guy is another clown in Scottish football who thinks its acceptable that one of his players goes out of the way to injure fellow professionals under the stupid notion of " it's a man's game ". It's about time this footballing backwater, with its outdated ideas on the game, got a grip and encouraged flair, skill, technique, and tactical awareness over the thuggery we currently see on a weekly basis.


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Fair enough publicly backing him but privately he should be giving him proper shit for dangerous tackles and leaving his team with a man down


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Numbskull Porteous will be long forgotten when Alfredo Morelos' contribution to the Scottish game is still being spoken of.
In the meantime the attempts to portray Porteous as some sort of victim simply because he can't control himself is laughable considering what Alfie has to put up with on a weekly basis.
Amateur hour from Hibs...


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This is on no one other than Ryan Porteous.

Quit making excuses for a reckless, clear Rangers hating clown. He’ll do someone a serious injury and it will be every one bar Porteous fault.

Jack Ross is another idiot.


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Jack Ross has no control over him instead of deflecting from his issues he should be challenging and leading this boy to become a better player than he is!


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In the Scotsman, he says his critics have stoked a reaction from Porteous by using "inflammatory" language. This led to the red card. Another dig at Rangers fans.
Yip, as per, it’s always somebody else’s fault.
When it’s that side, or not our side would be more apt.
Not much chance of Morelos being afforded this excuse.
Rightly so.


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Once again making excuses for him and enabling his behaviour

Once again we are in a situation when because it’s us it’s debatable it’s a red card a stupid tackle by a limited but strangely highly rated defender

This red card made Scottish football sit down to push for VAR let that sink in


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The technique that Ross complains of has been used against Rangers for decades. He's now complaining as it's happening to him. Shame that


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Probably get slaughtered here but I think he’s a good big defender with loads of ability and potential the problem is he’s a thug and an absolute arsehole.

Until that changes he won’t do much in the game. Sure he might get an move to a Blackburn or something for a million quid but won’t really move beyond that and it will be his loss


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The semi is going to be tasty. Don’t see how the ref can’t be prejudiced, given all the recent media hullabaloo. Our players will need to be on best behaviour.


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Until he gets hammered he’s going to keep doing the same. He’s getting treated like a spoiled child who’s getting reinforced to be a wee arse. Hopefully he leaves the SPL or picks up a bad injury before he can end someone’s season, or worse.


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In the Scotsman, he says his critics have stoked a reaction from Porteous by using "inflammatory" language. This led to the red card. Another dig at Rangers fans.
Fvck JR the philandering prick should not be selecting a guy who clearly has violence and injury in his head when he plays
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This guy?

Yip, that’s him!


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Why shouldn't the media call him out for being a reckless danger to fellow professionals on the field. He has a long, disgusting and verifiable record of being a reckless danger to fellow pros careers.

Sorry Jack, I'm not going to feel sorry for the perpetrator rather than the victims.
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Truffle Shuffle

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I can see them both drop down a level to a midtable side soon and join Celtic. They are both better than what is current there and fit the MO perfectly.


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He might be supporting the player in public but surely behind the scenes he must be raging at a player that continually costs him due to his stupidity


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Ross has dealt with this whole episode in a manner that suggests he isn't going any higher in management. From admitting post match that 'he gave the ref a decision to make' he then sanctions a ludicrous appeal that got dismissed almost as fast as a rangers one, now this guff about him being provoked by abuse. Porteus fully deserves the abuse he gets off the rangers support cause he keeps trying to break our players legs.

Back the player in public by all means, but the correct course of action should have been Porteus up in his office on the monday morning to be fined for letting his team down and costing them points. Matter ended. Instead things are now looking even more dangerous for our players for the cup game.

Chris the Bandito

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Porteous has the potential to be a good CH, fortunately he is held back by being a thick f*cker.

Other than being tall enough and capable of jumping what else is important? Anyone can develop the strength through hard work, and technical footballing ability is strictly a "Nice to have"

The entire position comes down to reading situations, getting into good position, maintaining concentration and then exercising judgment as to how to win the ball without fouling people. In other words - not being a thick fucker.