Jack Ross hits out at 'Disgusting" abuse of Porteous


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Jack Ross is a manager that is terrified of beating Celtic.

Even in January after their covid issues in Dubai Hibs needed a last minute equaliser to avoid defeat against a patched up Celtic side.

3 draws and a defeat to them last season. Lennon's Hibs had more of a go at them than they do under that wetwipe Ross.


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Porteous' career thus far is defined by being in a picture with Alfredo Morelos.

He could screw the nut and have a good career, but no, the plastic hardman image is wayyyyyy too important.
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Whi wait till now to bring it up, surely if something serious had happened it would have needed handling straightaway or at least highlighting. Very random to bring it up now.

Grigo Yossarian

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How about this for a novel approach, cut out the kung fu tackles and there will be zero abuse, anyone in the press linked up his 4 (at least) potential serious injury assaults?

Good Point.

A nice wee Twitter post showing these, with a request for anyone to show any other player in the SPFL whose had ONE SIMILAR challenge / assault might get the narrative right ?


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Porteous literally had a painting done of him tackling Morelos.

The guys an arsehole who plays up to the green and gray, of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Jack Ross is a blinkered fud.


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The boy has certain attributes, but is going nowhere in the game 'til he changes his stupid attitude. His attitude towards our players is an utter disgrace


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If anybody is posting that sort of abuse they should pack it in. It's not doing the club or the support any good at all.


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Think to yourself what Walter or Steven Gerrard woupd do if they were his manager? I'm absolutely certain it wouldn't be to play the victim card. Her needs managed properly as Alfie was a couple of seasons back (not that he has ever did a tackle like that).


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Jack Ross is a stick on for the scum job once Ange is sent packing. He's got all the qualities to fit right in there. It's always someone else's fault.

Spoonburning tit


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Ah the old sectarian abuse abuse line. How predictable that this story appeared in the papers eh? Would never have guessed it.
Yep, but everyone who brings it up doesn't name the"alleged "culprits as that would open them up to being proved wrong. It's easy to keep it vague as a deflection.


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The amount of people who've come out with this through the years is astonishing and yet no one has ever been arrested for this abuse they claim gets dished out to them, they just lie constantly.


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Decent player prone to a concentration lapse now and again.

He puts himself about and endangers fellow professionals with his over the top aggression and recklessness at times.
That alone would generate some abuse but he never seems remorseful and at times plays on it as some of the pics show.

Ross should be giving the boy proper advice to prevent a reoccurrence not bloody defend the indefensible and perpetuate the victim hood mentality.