Jack Ross sacked by Sunderland.

King Boli

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I think the latter, I rate him highly (solely based on him being stuck with me nipping his ear during a round of golf mind you)


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Can't see the sheep sack mcinnes yet, but think hearts and hibs will both be considering it right now. He'd have more to work with at hibs, they have a half decent squad.


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Found his level at St Mirren or got landed with a impossible job at Sunderland ?
Will have had 1 of the biggest budgets in the league so wouldn't say an impossible job but he drew 25 matches out of 79 which is probably what cost him his job. Wouldn't be surprised to see him Hearts or Hibs.


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He’d easily get a job up here.

I wonder if his availability will see Hibs and Hearts decide on a change considering he’d now have 2 free weeks to get to know the players?


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He'll go to Hibs imo. Unless Hearts actually manage to sack CL which considering their form for about 12 months then should however he seems unsackable.


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Jack Ross, tough gig at Sunderland - huge resources yes, but absilute basket case of a club.
6th in league and challenging again for promotion. Should have been given more time.

Khal Drogo

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Hearts sacked him as a development coach a few years back so I can't see them taking him on as manager even if Levein does sack himself

Hibs would be a good shout though


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Lost a play off final in the 120th minute.

Fine margins and all that.

He will not have a problem getting a new job.

Hopefully not Hearts as we have 2 massive games against them in the next month and could do without them getting the new manager bounce.


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He's a good manager who went to an absolute basket case of a club. Sunderland are a shambles. Huge money in wages but nowhere near the playing talent to go with it.


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A last minute goal lost him the paint cup at wembley, and an extra time goal cost him the play off final. From where Sunderland were at the start of last season, to where he took them i think he has done a decent job there. The expected promotion based purely on the size of the club, thats not how it works down south.
They probably did have the biggest wage budget in the league, but a lot of that is tied into a few of the first team who are still on crazy wages (and that he didnt sign). The lack of a prolific striker has ultimately cost him


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Folk have already mentioned Heart, Hibs and the Sheep.

There will be quite a few arses twitching in the SPL now. One of these clubs will be looking at him as a serious replacement for them.
As long as Hearts don't touch him until at least after the semi-final.

I'd rather avoid any new manager bounce before either game we play them :)) .


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Hibs and hearts will be sweating like Fck over who makes first move

no compo to pay now he’s been binned so I can definitely see something happening and soon