Jack whitehall to Rangers

Danger Zone

Just the tip...
Not a fan of his standup but he’s good on panel shows and tv series’.

Fairly inoffensive video so it gets a thumbs up from me.


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Never really liked him but thought the series with him and his auld man was alright.
Liking him a wee bit more after this though :)

Ps someone in work was listening to Paul chowdhry and was laughing away so I gave one of his live shows a listen on YouTube while I was on late and thought it was quite good but when I listened to a few more of his live stand ups it was the same jokes over and over I thought,not much material.


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Anyone who finds him funny deserves shot with a bazooka
in your opinion obviously :rolleyes:or do tell who you think is funny I'm sure there would be a few saying the same back to you. hope you enjoy a shot with a bazooka to, and reading some of your posts probably up your ass would be convenient im sure

Stevie McDougall

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He can gettae fukc.
And his auld man is oan the register. Two of them about as funny as getting skelped on the stones wi a big tottie.


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I was gifted tickets to see him last Tuesday at the Hydro, didn’t know much about him apart from League of our Own. I was pleasantly surprised, he was very good. No one liners or anything like that, just funny stories.
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